5 everyday items you can reuse

5 everyday items you can reuse

Find double duty for the items below:

Plastic bottles
1. Make a bag/string dispenser by trimming off the bottom and top end of a 1.5-liter bottle, then mounting it with screws upside down and fill with recycled bags or raffia string.
2. Bottles cut in half, act as handy containers for knick knacks and craft or workshop materials.

Cardboard tubes
1. Cover an empty paper towel/toilet paper roll with transparent tape, sticky side out, and hang to get rid of pesky flies and mosquitoes.
2. Protect important documents such as certificates by rolling them tightly and inserting them in paper towel tubes.

Aluminum cans
1. Fill an empty Milo/Nestum can with salt and voila, you have a dehumidifier. Leave the can in a corner and replace salt at monthly intervals.
2. Line a can with a small plastic bag and keep it near the sink to hold kitchen scraps and peelings. This will save time walking up and down to the garbage can, as you will make one trip to dump all the scraps at the same time.

Old newspapers
1. In the garden, lay several sheets of newspapers over the soil and then cover with mulch; they will help retain moisture and suffocate weeds.
2. Add wet, shredded paper to compost to remove odor.

Plastic yogurt containers
1. If you are someone with green fingers, you will find that yogurt pots are the perfect size for seedling starter pots – get that herb garden started!
2. Bigger, quart-sized yogurt containers could be used to store leftover food, chicken stock, soup, and other perishables.