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12 ways to stop your cat from peeing everywhere and how to get rid of cat pee smell


Cats are cute and affectionate. But then they start peeing everywhere and it’s really hard to get rid of that pungent smell. Kitty, watch out ha!

how to stop cats from peeing everywhere
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This article was translated from 12 cara elak kucing kencing merata dan hapuskan bau hancing by Rebecca Hani Romeli.

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For cat owners, cats are more than just fluffy balls of goodness.  It is like having a child. But sometimes they pee everywhere, even though there’s a little box for them to use. Your tomcat on the other hand would just spray on the walls or curtains. Some cat owners are at a loss when it comes to what needs to be done to stop this. Even worse, your fur baby wandered into a neighbour’s house to pee and spray! Despite cleaning, the cat’s pee and poo leave a strong pungent smell.  Chill out, in this article we will share tips and ways that you can try to stop a cat from peeing everywhere.

Why do cats pee everywhere? 

Adult cats usually pee to mark their territories so other cats will not invade the area. Other than that, cats also spray urine if they feel threatened by something.  Before we go further on how to solve this problem, first, let’s find out why cats are behaving this way. Several reasons cause cats to spay and soil in the house.

Reasons why cats pee everywhere

  • Cats are ready to mate

When a male cat reaches maturity at five months of age, it will be ready to mate. Male cats will spray urine everywhere to mark their territories. Don’t be surprised if your female cats did the same thing. Why did female cats pee in the house? It is to attract a male cat and a sign that the molly is ready to mate.

  • Dirty cat sand

Cats are hygienic and picky animals. If the cat sand is too dirty and the litter box isn’t cleaned, cats will refuse to use it. 

  • The litter box is moved to a new spot

Cats are extremely sensitive to changes. If you move the litter box to a new corner, your cat will keep peeing in the same spot as it was used to it. In fact, cats are really sensitive towards any changes you make in the house, like rearranging furniture.

  • A newcomer in the house 

Besides, don’t be surprised if your cats become stressed when there’s a newcomer. It’s not just a baby or a new partner. Cats can be stressed by the presence of a new cat too!

  • Health issues 

Cats might pee everywhere when they have health issues such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and even bladder inflammation.

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How do I get my cat to stop peeing everywhere

1. Train your cat to use a litter box

how to discipline a cat for peeing outside the litter box
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One of the many important things to do to overcome this problem is to train your cat to pee in its litter box. This problem will forever haunt you if your cat isn’t trained to poop or pee at the right spot. Here’s how to train your cat to use cat sand:

  • First, familiarise your cat with the litter box. Give your cat space to get used to the smell of the cat sand. Never move the little box to a new spot as your cat will be confused.
  • Watch your cat’s behaviour. Immediately take it to the litter tray if it shows signs such as sniffing and digging the ground.
  • Give your cat a compliment or reward every time it successfully uses the litter box. Your cat might fail for the first few tries but don’t be mad as punishment will only make the cat fearful and stressed. 

2. Make sure the cat sand is always cleaned

How do I get my cat to stop peeing outside the litter box?
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Cats love a clean area. Therefore, make sure the litter box is always cleaned and not left dirty. If you have an extra budget, you can buy a litter box that can clean used cat sand automatically. 

3. Don’t stress out your cat

don't stress out your cat
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There are a couple of things that stress out your cat. As a cat owner, you need to be aware of the causes that can make your cat unhappy. Observe your cat’s behaviour in dealing with certain situations such as the presence of a new family member, or a new cat. Focus on the problems once you’ve identified the cause. Allow your cat to get used to the new environment.

4. Use cat repellent 

What can I spray to keep cats from peeing?
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Cat repellents are sold in various forms. Some are in spray bottles and some look like chocolates! Each of these products is made of different ingredients. Check the ingredients before getting one.  People usually bought this to repel stray cats that pee within their home compound. Make sure that it is ONLY to repel cats, not poison or harm them.

5. Clean the area that had been peed on thoroughly 

how to clean cat urine
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Cats’ sense of smell is really sensitive. Therefore, you need to make sure that the area or furniture that has been peed on is properly cleaned to remove the odour. Sometimes, you need more than just water and soap to get rid of it. 

Cats will still pee at the same spot if they can still smell it. Make sure to absorb its urine with a kitchen towel or cloth before cleaning it up using water and soap. By absorbing the urine, you’re preventing it from spreading to other areas. Next, do a deep cleaning until the smell disappears.

How to get rid of cat pee smell 

You can try using these methods as an alternative to getting rid of the cat pee smell. Eliminating the smell of cat urine can indirectly prevent cats from urinating in the same area.

6. Spray Citronella

what smells deter cats from peeing
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Citronella or Citronella-based products are no strangers when it comes to repelling pests. Did you know its fragrant smell can also be used to get rid of the cat pee smell? This method is so easy to do, you just need to spray Citronella on the area that is often peed on by your cats. Its strong fragrant smell will prevent cats from peeing everywhere.

7. Vinegar solution 

Does vinegar stop cats from peeing
© Olga Yastremska/ 123RF

Vinegar has a strong smell and it works in getting rid of cat urine smell. There are three ways to use it

  1. First, mix vinegar with warm water. Then, put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it onto the soiled area.
  2. Second, mix vinegar with baking soda to make a more effective solution. 
  3. Third, try this if you don’t like the smell of vinegar. Mix vinegar, fabric softener, and water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray it onto the soiled area.

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8. Black pepper

black pepper get rid of cat urine smell
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Other than cooking, black pepper can be used in getting rid of cat urine smell as well. To do it, boil water and add two or three tablespoons of black pepper. Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it onto your cat’s favourite spot. 

9. Put coffee or tea bags

coffee or tea bag to get rid off cat urine smell
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Try this method if your cat peed on your shoes or slippers. Use new coffee or tea bags and put them in your shoes. Other than getting rid of urine smell, you can also use this method to get rid of shoe odour.

10. Sprinkle sulphur 

sulphur prevent cats from peeing everywhere
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Sulphur is usually sprinkled on a camping area/ ground to prevent the attack of venomous animals/ insects. Did you know it can also be used to prevent cats from peeing everywhere? It’s so easy to do it, just sprinkle a little bit of sulphur in the corner of your house. Sulphur is warm and has a strong odour that can deter cats from peeing in that area. 

11. Spay your cat

benefits of spaying cats
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This might be a cat owner’s last resort. But, that doesn’t mean that it is bad for your furbaby. Spaying and neutering are also better for the cat in the long term for several reasons, such as, a male cat that has been spayed will stop spraying everywhere as a signal for marking its area whereas a molly will stop attracting the attention of other cats.

12. Consult a veterinarian 

cat peeing consult veterinarian
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If you’ve tried everything but to no avail, why don’t you visit a veterinarian for health checkups? This is because your cat might be having health problems that make it unable to control its bladder, resulting in peeing everywhere. 

Make sure to identify the core issue that causes your cat to pee everywhere to ensure your effort to stop it is fruitful. Have you tried any other methods? Share it with us! 

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