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How to decorate a small bedroom


Decorating a small bedroom can be tricky. With the bed taking up a good chunk of space and the need for functional bedroom furniture pieces, how do you find the space to decorate?

We chatted to Joy Simonsen, senior interior designer at Coco Republic, to get her expert advice on decorating and styling small bedrooms.

Here, Joy shares her small bedroom decorating ideas, small bedroom layout ideas, small bedroom solutions and more.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll be ready for a small bedroom makeover.

Getting the layout right

When it comes to bedroom layouts for small rooms, Joy says that ideally, you want to place the bed against a wall rather than a window.

This means more light and can help create the illusion of more space.

Small bedroom layout: Place the bed against the wall rather than a window to create the illusion of a larger space. Picture: Coco Republic

“Consider the space required to functionally live in the room – floor space to change clothes comfortably, make the bed and so on,” says Joy.

And in tiny bedrooms, rather than have two side tables, Joy recommends using one good-sized bedside table with drawers to help with additional storage.

Decorating smaller spaces

Looking for small bedroom design ideas? Joy recommends decorating a small room in light, calming tones.

“You could either paint all the walls in a soft tone or create cosiness with textured, light-coloured grasscloth wallpaper,” she says.

For those who prefer to use a patterned wallpaper, Joy recommends opting for a small-sized pattern with light colours and focusing papering on one wall behind the bed rather than all of the walls.

Small bedroom decor: Opt for calming neutral tones for walls and bedding, and create interest with textures. Picture: Coco Republic

As for bedding? Joy says: “Keep bedlinen calm by using the latest soft-coloured natural linens and choose a plain, textured and patterned quilt cover in white with a contrasting textured throw.”

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Looking for small master bedroom ideas? Why not try light neutral colour scheme to make a small space feel larger. Picture: Coco Republic

Even the smallest bedroom wouldn’t be complete without cushions.

“Finish the look with coordinating decorative scatter cushions in soft velvets mixed with fringed, beaded cushions for added interest,” Joy says.

Choosing the right bed

When it comes to beds for small rooms, the scale is very important.

To combat this, Joy says to ensure the bedroom furniture suits the size of the room, even if you must use a double bed instead of a queen-size bed to sit in the centre of the room.

Considering bed styles for small rooms? When you’re choosing beds for small rooms, make sure you choose a bed that fits the room, larger beds will make a small room feel even smaller. Picture: Coco Republic

“Larger furniture will make a small room feel smaller and there will not be adequate space to get in and around the bed,” says Joy.

As for kids beds for small bedrooms, if you have a single or king-single bed, Joy recommends ensuring it sits against the wall to maximise the floor space, particularly for young children who need space to play.

Bedroom furniture styling

Whether you’re looking for simple pieces or wardrobes for small bedrooms, when it comes to styling furniture in small rooms it’s important to consider proportion.

Tiny bedroom design: When it comes to bedroom furniture for small spaces, it’s all about getting the proportions right. Picture: Coco Republic

“Keep furniture in proportion by choosing bedsides which have drawers or open shelving, look for furniture with height rather than width,” says Joy.

“A small upholstered chair for the corner is practical or a small narrow end of bed ottoman with lid. This can double as seating as well as storage inside.”

8 decorating ideas to try at home

Need some more cool bedroom ideas for small rooms? Joy has shared eight decorating ideas for small bedrooms.

  1. Consider using wall shelves to hold books and keep important items close to hand.
  2. Choose a bed which comes with drawers underneath for extra storage and space-saving. Use hooks behind a door to store items off the floor.
  3. Look for hanging storage which is not only pretty to look at but useful as well.
  4. Decorate the windows by opting for Roman blinds or plantation shutters. These sit within the window area and do not intrude into the room or floor as curtains would.
  5. Keep colours tonal across flooring, walls and bed linen. If you have white walls, consider a neutral tone for the rest of the room.
  6. Keep artwork to a single item over the bed or hang a pair symmetrically to keep the overall aesthetic peaceful and calm.
  7. Hang a large, floor-length wall mirror opposite the bed so the room appears to double in size. Mirrored wardrobe doors will also help to maximise how big the space feels.
  8. Opt for hanging pendant lights or wall-fixed lamps instead of table lamps on the bedsides to give even more useful tabletop space next to the bed.
Looking for tiny bedroom ideas? Try using pendant lights instead of table lamps to make more space on the bedside tables. Picture: Coco Republic

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