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Thanks to the global pandemic, Malaysians are spending nearly half the year staying home to avoid spreading and getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. Since there’s only so much to do at home, we’ve turned to the Internet for our source of entertainment and information. In fact, many of you have visited our site this year to read up on the home-buying process, how to get rid of certain pests at home and how the loan moratorium affects us financially. 

Out of all the articles we’ve created, published and shared this year, these 10 articles are the ones that people keep coming back to. Let’s have a look! 

10. 8 must-have items in the house in case of emergencies


If there’s one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is the fact that we must always be ready for any kind of emergency. When the country first went into lockdown back in March 2020, a lot of people started panic buying and grabbing everything they can to survive the quarantine. While toilet paper is important (or you can just use a bidet like the rest of us), it’s not as important as these 8 items. Stock up on these and you don’t even have to worry when the next lockdown is in place. 

Click here to read: 8 must-have items in the house in case of emergencies

9. What is real property gain tax (RPGT) in Malaysia and how to calculate it?

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Anyone who has sold a home would know what a real property gain tax (RPGT) is but to the rest of us, it’s still an enigma. This article serves to answer your burning questions on RPGT, from the calculation to the late consequences of late payment. You can also check the RPGT rates for each of the three tiers for your perusal.

Click here to read: Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) 2020 in Malaysia: How to calculate it?

8. 10 things that will change after CMCO for high-rise dwellers

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Covid-19 has changed the way we live. Big time. With this pandemic going on around the world, we simply can’t live like how we used to anymore. While most of us have it bad, people who are living in high-rise buildings have to adhere to more rules and regulations because if one person is infected, the entire building has to be quarantined. Here we list down 10 things that will change after the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Malaysia, from contactless delivery to social distancing in the lift. 

Click here to read: 10 Things that will change during CMCO for high-rise dwellers

7. 5 years after saving up, dream IKEA bedroom becomes a reality

While the rest of us were busy making our version of Dalgona coffee and beautifying our island on Animal Crossing, this Malaysian man took advantage of the MCO and refurnished his bedroom into something that you’ll see in an IKEA catalogue. If you’re looking to be as motivated to do a makeover for your room, then click on the article to help you get started. 

Click here to read: 5 years after saving up, dream IKEA bedroom becomes a reality

6. Malaysia’s top 7 high-rise properties with the highest rental yield in 2019

© simonlong/ GettyImages

If you’re investing in a property, you’d want to know how much money your property can make by renting it out. This is where this article comes in. Here, we talk about how to calculate rental yields and reveal the top 7 residential properties that offer the best rental revenue in Malaysia in 2019. 

Click here to read: Malaysia’s Top 7 High-Rise Properties with the Highest Rental Yield in 2019

5. (Updated) Check this list of blacklisted property developers before buying a new launch property in Malaysia

© blue jean images | Getty Images

It seems like Malaysians are curious about the type of property developers we have in the country. The aforementioned articles listed the top developers, while this exposes the blacklisted ones we have in Malaysia. Here’s how you do your due diligence and run a quick background check on the property developers in Malaysia before you put the down payment.

Click here to read: (Updated) Check this list of blacklisted property developers before buying a new launch property in Malaysia

4. EPF i-Sinar: How to withdraw money from account 1 and what are the requirements

The EPF i-Sinar allows two million affected members to access and withdraw savings from account 1 over six months.
© iMoney

When the government announced that all Malaysians can withdraw savings from their EPF account 1 for six months, over eight million Malaysians rejoiced and cheered because they can finally make ends meet. This government initiative will go on until next year, so make sure to read up on the withdrawal process and who are eligible to apply. 

Click here to read: EPF i-Sinar: How to withdraw money from account 1 and what are the requirements

3. 4 predictions for real estate once the moratorium ends in September 2020

© tktktk/ 123RF

It comes as no surprise that the real estate market situation in Malaysia is bad, but when Covid-19 struck, it worsened the situation. The government did offer a loan moratorium to help those in needs, but the moratorium only lasts for months. This article will explain about property predictions after the moratorium ends in September 2020 and how it affects the property market for homebuyers. 

Click here to read: 4 Predictions for real estate once the moratorium ends in September 2020

2. Top 10 property developers in Malaysia

© Alex Postovski/ 123RF

When it comes to buying a house in Malaysia, price, location and property developer are three of the most important factors to consider. After all, there’s no point getting yourself an affordable house with a good location only to be duped by the property developer into buying a house that’s completely different from what they’ve marketed. In this article, we’ve compiled 10 of the most reputable property developers in Malaysia and the list is based on the 2019 Top 10 Developers – People’s Choice Award by’s annual prestigious award, iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA).

Click here to read: Top 10 property developers in Malaysia

1. 12 ways to remove lizards from your home permanently

© Michael Zaenkert / EyeEm/ GettyImages

Ah, lizards. Whether you love them or you hate them, you’ll definitely see one at home in your lifetime. While they don’t pose any harm to us, they can be a nuisance. Their mere presence can make us squeamish. If you’re looking for a way (or two) to get rid of the four-legged reptile at home, then you’ve got to click here. We’ve rounded up 12 different ways (just in case one doesn’t work) just to help you kick them out of the house. 

Click here to read: 12 ways to remove lizards from your home permanently

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