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Chasing the wealth star


Chasing the wealth star

The drive to have money and the drive to be wealthy are different things. The distinction is striking. We’ve all heard it before – money makes the world go around. Cash flow is always going to be important; Bills, rent, loans, mortgages, more. These are things we all worry about.

Wealth, on the other hand, carries meaning that varies from you and me to startup business owners to C-level executives. We’re all different because we have different values. Underlying this, of course, are our different characters, strengths, and mindsets that drive us.

In my practice of Chinese Metaphysics, not only do we use BaZi to analyze wealth, but also the use of Feng Shui to enhance our wealth opportunities.

Xuan Kong Flying Stars

In Feng Shui, there are many ways and applications used by practitioners to reform or redirect the Qi of a house to be more favourable for the occupants. Xuan Kong Flying Stars is one of the simplest and practical methods to be applied by the majority.

A ‘Flying Star Chart’ is pretty much like an astrological or natal birth chart of a property that indicates the building’s Feng Shui potential, strengths, and of course, weaknesses.

In this Feng Shui method, the ‘timing’ of Qi is very important and hence, we must first identify the location of ‘Prosperous Qi’ in our property. We use ‘flying stars’ to represent different types of Qi energy and each of them embodies certain attributes and characteristics.

Today, we are going to focus solely on Star #8 as it mainly represents the wealth aspect.

Facing Star and Sitting Star

To enhance our wealth opportunities using the Flying Stars, we must first understand the difference and significance of Facing Star and Sitting Star.

Facing Stars are usually enhanced by Yang Qi that would be activated by activity, movement, and water. In other words, if we see a mountain on the outside of a #8 Facing Star, it will deactivate the star and its energies are unable to be tapped.

So, how are we going to apply this technique?

Given that we are currently in Period 8 (the year 2004 to the year 2023), our Prosperous Star will be the Star #8. And so, we would prefer features such as the Main Door to be located at the sector containing the #8 Facing Star to tap into its beneficial energies that are enhancing our wealth opportunities, right from the sector that would have the most movements.

Star #8 is a good start, for most of the time. In Period 8, it becomes even stronger and its positive qualities are even more pronounced. The location of the Facing Star #8 is regarded as the ‘wealth location’ of the house. Be sure to find it and activate it correctly to welcome the auspicious energies into the house.

Why Star #8?

Star #8 is known as White star, 八百. It is one of the most positive stars of all Nine Stars in Flying Stars. Generally, about 90% of the time, its energies are positive and useable for positive outcomes, therefore it being the Wealth Star.

Bear in mind that we will be able to use the stars and its energetic qualities if when we do put in the diligent effort.

Keep your Star #8 sector neat and tidy, like you would for your very own wealth. Surely, you wouldn’t want your wealth to be dimly lit and cluttered.

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