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A newlywed's minimalistic and functional home


The homeowners’ brief was simple – they wanted a comfortable and minimalistic home. Having lived with their parents, the newly married couple wanted to find their own home while staying close to them.

When they finally found an apartment that they love, they enlisted and trusted Sharp Design to help make it their forever home who had previously designed their parents’ home.

As the married couple loves to relax and have friends over, comfort and simplicity were important considerations and one that Sharp Design and designer Jacky Leung specialise in. With a passion for cooking and entertaining, the living area and the kitchen were the main focal points of the redesign.

Leung decided to utilise an open kitchen design to give more space to the living and dining area while keeping the entire home to a limited amount of colours and furniture as possible, making things minimal and simple. Seating six people, the customised long dining table is adjoined to the open kitchen’s tabletop, gives plenty of space for gatherings and allowing the couple to interact with friends while cooking.

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North Point City Garden

An obstacle Leung encountered was the large pillar at the entrance of the apartment that couldn’t be removed. To use the space more efficiently, Leung decided to install storage shelves that allow the couple to proudly display their proposal gift, adding a sentimental touch to the apartment. A couch is placed cosily behind the partition in its own nook, giving a cosy and warm feeling to the living area while the feature wall behind the sofa helps make the area different and separate from the rest of the otherwise simple and monochrome apartment. According to Feng Shui, it’s inauspicious to have the entrance facing the corridor, as well as the master bedroom, therefore a sliding door design was placed to block the bad luck.

North Point City Garden

With only several things brought over from their old home, all the furniture in the apartment is built-in and customized to size – a service that Sharp Design provides – including the kitchen’s dining table, living room’s centre coffee table which has a hidden area for easy storage and the master bedroom’s wooden wall, bed and wardrobes.

North Point City Garden

The subdued design and monochromatic colours are carried into the bedroom as seen by the room’s use of light cream colour and large wooden panel as the wall. Originally a three-bedroom apartment, the redesign saw the combination of two separate rooms to make one larger master bedroom with the addition of a walk-in closet. The step up in the master bedroom was used to distinguish the sleeping area from the walk-in closet which used see-through sliding glass doors to make the entire room appear bigger. Sliding doors were also used in the bedroom to conceal the storage area and cabinets where the couple had accumulated trinkets and ornaments including their Starbucks cup collection.

North Point City Garden

Satisfying all the requests and elements the client requested, Sharp Design perfectly matched the client’s brief and gave the newly married couple an unpretentious forever home in their modern and comfortable 900-square-feet home.

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