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8 easy wardrobe hacks to maximise space


Is your wardrobe absolutely bursting at the seams that you feel frightened just opening it? Don’t sweat – we have some wardrobe hacks to help you out with that. 

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“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet,” Carrie Bradshaw famously said in Sex and The City. While we don’t all earn the same paycheck she does, some of us do enjoy some self-care retail therapy now and then. 

However, the little bits that you treat yourself to may add up to a lot. The proof lies in your bursting wardrobe. Hands up if you’re guilty of these few things: buying the same piece of clothing because you forgot you owned it; wondering where that dress you bought a year ago but never wore disappeared to; haphazardly stuffing your wardrobe because it’s just too messy inside. 

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we have several wardrobe hacks to maximise your closet space and get it organised in no time. This isn’t a Marie Kondo intervention – it’s just to save your sanity.

1. Go through a wardrobe haul

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The most obvious step is also the most difficult. It’s time to face the music – or the mountain that is your clothes. The only way that you can really maximise wardrobe space is by getting rid of clothes that you can’t fit into or don’t wear anymore.

Do it the Marie Kondo way: put all your clothes in a huge mound on the floor or your bed and go through each item. Ask yourself these questions: Do you even remember owning it? How often do you wear it? Is it an item that you can no longer fit into? Do you have doubles of the same piece of clothing? 

By asking yourself these questions, you get to narrow down pieces of clothing that you will actually wear and keep. Donate the rest to a charity, your nearest H&M store, or see if it could possibly be anyone else’s treasure

2. Add another rod to a tall wardrobe

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This only works if you have a tall wardrobe to start with. For this hack, all you need to do is drill a second rod in the middle of your wardrobe, and you’ll have double the space to hang your clothes. Use the upper rod for longer items of clothing such as dresses, and the bottom one will do perfectly for tops, skirts, and even folded trousers. 

3. Hang clothes vertically

This easy wardrobe hack will give you more space to hang your clothes. All you need to do is head to the hardware store to buy an S-hook and a link chain. Hang the S-hook on your wardrobe rod and the link chain at the bottom of the S-hook. Now you can hang your clothes vertically using the holes on the link chain. 

4. Utilise the back of your wardrobe doors

When it comes to vertical space, the back of your wardrobe door has so much untapped potential. There are so many ideas that come to mind. You can hang a mirror behind it if your room doesn’t have space for a full-length mirror. Many furniture shops including IKEA sells hanging wardrobe organisers for you to store smaller items, from socks to underwear, and even accessories. 

If you’re handy with a drill, you can also install more closet hanging rods on the back of your wardrobe doors.

5. Vacuum pack seasonal clothes

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While we don’t live in a seasonal country, most of us do own several pieces of winter wear for our travels. Warm winter clothes can be bulky and take up all your wardrobe space if it was left hanging. The solution here is to vacuum pack your winter coats and scarves until you need to use it again. 

Vacuum packing your bulky puffer jackets and wool scarves compresses them, and you can slide them into the top shelf of your wardrobe to maximise space. 

6. Utilise space under shelving

If you have shelves in your wardrobe, it’s time to put them to good use. Purchase one of these metal shelves that easily hook under your wardrobe shelves. Now, you have more space to store folded clothes!

7. Organise, organise, organise

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Wherever possible, fold your clothes. Marie Kondo has perfected the art of folding clothes into neat little squares, freeing up more wardrobe space and keeping things look organised. When you’ve practised the art of folding, it’s time to sort them out into little boxes. 

Before you head to your nearest Muji or Daiso to stock up on organising boxes, stop and take a look in your own house. Chances are, you’ll have perfectly usable boxes lying around: old shoe boxes or pretty gift boxes. Use those bigger boxes to store your folded tops and smaller boxes to store your socks and underwear. An organised wardrobe will maximise its space. 

8. How to know what you don’t wear

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You may have Marie Kondo-ed a fair bit of your wardrobe, but we know you cheated a little with clothes that hold sentimental value. It’s not a problem – here’s a trick that will let you know if you’re really wearing that particular item of clothing or not. 

Start by hanging your clothes the wrong way, with the hanger hooks facing outwards instead of inwards. Whenever you wear a particular piece of clothing, hang it back the correct way. At the end of the year, discard clothes that are still hanging the wrong way, because that would mean you did not touch it at all. Give it away to someone else who will have more use for it. 

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