6 Ways To Maximize Your Dining Space


6 Ways To Maximize Your Dining Space

Here are some ideas to maximise your meal zone when space is scarce.

1. Cater to your lifestyle

If entertaining isn’t a big priority there’s no point trying to squeeze in a dining setting for 10. If you’re more likely to meet friends at a restaurant, a compact setting at home for family members is enough to suit your needs. Storing some extra chairs elsewhere keeps you flexible for when guests pop by.

2. Choose the right size table for your space

If your table is too big it will draw attention to the lack of space. Ensure there’s enough room around the table to give the illusion of spaciousness – one metre in each direction is ideal.

3. Create a virtual room

In the absence of walls, a floor rug can help to visually create a dining zone. Make sure the rug has space to allow for chairs to be pushed out and choose furniture that can be easily wiped clean. Pendant lighting and a feature wall with a piece of art can further help to define the dining zone.

4. Square pegs and round holes

The shape of your table is an important consideration. Square tables can be space wasters and round tables often look best in a square room. Narrow rectangle tables with length can fit the most people into a limited space, and are great for food sharing and intimate conversations.

5. Whitewash

Chunky timber tables make a statement if you have enough room but they can be visually dominating in a small space. A white chair-and-table combo not only looks fresh but can blend into the background, creating a minimalist vibe.

6. Choose compact chairs

Upholstered chairs with high backs are by far the most comfortable option but they occupy a lot of space – both visually and literally. If space is a factor, consider compact chairs with low backs to create more room. Stools are another tidy option as they can disappear out of view.

The dining area can become a versatile part of a home, doubling as extra bench space, somewhere for the kids to do their homework and, most importantly, a place for family and friends to bond while sharing a meal. Choosing a table that’s right for your home will serve you well for many years to come.


This article was sourced from www.realestate.com.au


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