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How much can I afford?
How much can I borrow?
How long does it take to process a loan?
What is the difference between conventional financing and Islamic financing?
Why do I need a valuation?
Do I need to appoint a lawyer? Can I choose my own lawyer?
Who pays for the legal fees?
What if I run into financial difficulties and cannot meet my loan repayments?
Can I pay off my loan in full earlier than the agreed loan tenure?
Is there any waiver of penalty fees for early loan settlement?
Why does my outstanding loan remain high at the initial stage despite the repayments made?
Can I make extra payments other than the monthly contractual repayments?
Do I need a guarantor for a loan facility?
Does the financial institution have the right to charge my loan account for any miscellaneous charges incurred by them such as late payment charges, legal costs, insurance, etc?
How long is the grace period for payment of my monthly instalment/interest?
When does the financial institution release the loan to the seller/developer?
Can I purchase a house under joint names and apply for the housing loan only under my name?
If the developer abandons the project, am I still required to service my interest/instalment payments?
What happens when the loan is fully repaid?
What happens in the event of death of a borrower who has not bought insurance?
What can the financial institution do if I do not make repayments?
What is the most convenient way to repay my loan?
Should I consider refinancing my loan if I am offered a lower interest rate?

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The recent Budget 2014 disclosed that the Developer Interest Bearing Scheme (DIBS) will be removed to better manage the burgeoning real property prices in Malaysia.

A home loan’s overdraft facility is often confused with the redraw facility. So what is an overdraft facility all about?

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