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IQI expands operations in Johor amidst optimistic market expectations


IQI expands operations in Johor amidst optimistic market expectations

November 11, JOHOR BAHRU – IQI, a multi award-winning real estate and investment firm, is expanding its presence in Malaysia further by opening a second southern region office in Danga Utama Business Centre, Johor Bahru to cater for increased demand by local and international investors flocking to the region.

Its strategic decision in the region is driven by measures taken by the government that support the real estate industry and the company boldly expects 2018 to be the year for real estate investment in Johor.

Kashif Ansari, CEO of IQI said “The Johor market has recently grown substantially and overcome some of the earlier issues that investors faced. The market is stabilising and Johor offers one of the best investment options in the region for price vs growth opportunities. 2018 is the year for Johor and expect to see IQI solidifying its position in the region further.”

Focusing on the economy of Johor Bahru, Shan Saeed, Chief Economist at IQI said: “Malaysia is an important player in the Belt and Road equation and geography makes her geo-strategic for global investors. Johor Bahru is poised to become an important LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) energy hub in the next 5 to 10 years since major energy players are moving investment to this part of the world. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is set to bring Johor state into the limelight of economic highway of Malaysia, increasing her strategic value proposition.  This will really boost the economic activity and elevate the status of Johor Bahru as the LNG hub of the ASEAN region.”

The new IQI facility will comprise a ground floor where a customer care facility will be incorporated alongside a gallery for clients to view new and upcoming projects. The office has ample room for conferencing, and there will be many facilities for recreation to help the agents refresh their minds.

Kashif said, “We are setting up a state of the art office where we will train our future agents in the best way to read the market and, in turn, to help our clients, by using the latest technology to help us gauge the market and use the data gathered in a qualitative manner. Coming into the Johor market, we will do the same wonders that we have done in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.”

Nabeel Mungaye, Group COO said, “This significantly larger office will help us to proceed and expand our influence as well as cement our position as a real estate agency that covers the whole of Malaysia.”

Aaron Siow, Group VP said: “In IQI, we take pride in portraying ourselves as a global platform that is able to receive and teach the latest property information both locally and internationally, making it easier for investors to make informed decisions when it comes to their investments. Tseping Chen, Group VP added: “With this office we will be able to reach more people quickly and easily, and we are able to impart our global knowledge to our investors first hand.”

According to Casse Tio, VP of Southern Regions, “IQI aspires to set its foothold in Southern Malaysia, starting from this lifestyle office. We shall spread the IQI culture, which is revolutionary & refreshingly different from the way traditional agencies are run here.”

Johor has many exciting projects coming up in the near future catering to homebuyers and investors.

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