You don’t have to throw out old furniture if you have spray paint


Are you a homeowner desperately looking for a makeover on a budget? Meet spray paint.

Furniture restoration

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Spray paint, meet everyone.

Whether you just can’t seem to wrap your head around a 2,000-dollar armchair which was made to look old (i.e. vintage), or if you’ve got a dated lamp you have no reason to throw out, this one’s for you.

Here are some things that could use a breath of fresh spray paint air:

1. Old furniture

Spray paint works great on Ikea tables with chrome legs.

Your design options aren’t limited to spray painting the entire furniture. Use masking tape to block out areas of the furniture for a dip dye or colour-blocked look.

2. Dull appliances

If you can take spray paint to chrome (or wooden) furniture, you sure can take it to a chrome mixer!

Or a toaster, fridge, fan, and any appliance guilty of boring you to death.

3. Hardware on fixtures

You don’t need to paint an entire piece in your home to give a space a facelift. Sometimes, all you need is a pop of colour on a small item, like hardware.

Think doorknobs, locks, and hinges.

Faucet surfaces wear and chip after a while. Painting it not only gives it a fresh look, but you can also choose a dark colour to give it a retro look.

4. Decorative items

Looking for that perfectly magenta photo frame to match your grey-hued living area can be tough. You might’ve found the perfect colour on the wrong pattern and vice versa. So why not spray it?

We love these ombre pots. Quick, easy, and cheap #win.

Even items that are not exclusively decorative can be made to look so. Look for baskets, stationery cases, or even jars that you can spruce up.

If you’re not spraying the whole item, just use masking tape to block out the parts you don’t want to be sprayed.

5. Lighting

Let there be gold accents! Lighting options are cheap and pretty at Ikea. Personalise them with a gold spray or even just your favourite colour.

This article was originally published as You don’t have to throw out old furniture if you have spray paint by and is written by Charmaine Kon.