6 guaranteed ways to save electricity bills at home

Looking for ways to save electricity bills at home? Here are 6 energy saving tips that aren’t just easy on the pocket, but are great for mother earth too!

how to save electricity at home

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Do you dread the day your electricity bill arrives in your mail? Do you start searching for the calculator on your phone or go straight to your bank’s app to see if you’ve got to re-budget next month’s affairs because of a crazy number printed on that bill? We’ve all been there…

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Aside from energy-saving heater, taking a shorter shower and buying energy-efficient products, we’ve got here some simple tips and tricks and hacks that’ll save electricity, get your mood up and mother nature dancing from side to side!

Electricity bill discounts for six months from April

Recently Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that all Malaysians will be able to enjoy tiered rebates for six months on their electricity bills as a part of the 2020 Stimulus Package during the  Movement Control Order, and this will take effect on April 1. Find out below how the tiered rebate system works and how it benefits you:

  • 50% discount for electricity usage below 200 kWH
  • 25% discount for electricity usage between 201 kWH and 300 kWH
  • 15% discount for electricity usage between 301 kWH and 600 kWH

We hope that this will provide some form of financial relief to all of you. If you want to cut down some more electricity, read on to find out what else you can do to cut down your electricity consumption at home.

1. Opt for LED lights

how to save electricity at home

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This one’s an electric power saver. But don’t take our word for it, just breathe in these wonderful numbers:

    • LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other lights (like Fluorescent)
    • Only 5% of the energy is lost as heat, 95% is converted into light (Fluorescent lights have the opposite effect – 95% heat and 5% energy *gasp*)
    • LED lights use less power – an 84 watt Fluorescent light can be replaced with a 36 watt LED light! * double gasp*)
    • They last up to — wait for it — six times longer than traditional lights!


One: Fluorescent lights are the devil’s spawn, clearly

Two: Using LED lights won’t just give you more bang for buck,  it reduces demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions too!

2. Unplug or switch off when not in use

Did you know that a phone or laptop charger is still conducting electricity when it’s left plugged into your switched-on socket? This is the case 99% of the time.  Now, not everything is an electricity vampire. Chargers and your smart TV that’s on “standby” continually draw power but stuff like radios and table lamps are totally fine.

Quick fix solution: It’s fine to leave them plugged in, but be absolutely sure that the main power point has been switched off!

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3. Service your air-con

how to save electricity at home

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It’s Malaysia. It’s hot. All. Year. Round. So it’s completely understandable that air-cons are kept on for obscenely long hours! But do yourself a favour and just have it regularly serviced. This will ensure that it’s running efficiently and in turn, your room or home will get colder faster,  which means it’ll reduce electricity use! Tada. Electricity saved.

Another way to save electricity and cash is to clean the filter yourself every few months! Cleaning or replacing blocked filters can reduce between 5% and 15% of your energy consumption so go on and YouTube that “how to” video ASAP.

4. Invest in a plug-in timer switch

Unlike the electricity-saving device that “claimed” to cut your electricity bills by 30%, this one’s a better and more realistic alternative. If you’ve got a kid who’s afraid of the dark (or if you’re afraid of the dark) and you can’t bear to switch off your small table lamp then here’s your new best friend – the Plug-In Timer Switch — a power saver device that allows for quick and easy automation of electrical appliances. Get one (or more), set it up accordingly (if you’re going to sleep, and you’ve just turned your lamp on then set the timer to switch off in about an hour) – and BAM suddenly you’re being energy conscious! Look at you, saving money and the world.

5. Tips for the washing machine

Here are some self-explanatory easy-to-follow instructions on how to keep cash in your wallet and our environment nice and livable just the way we like it:

Step 1: Collect a full load of laundry

Step 2: Pre-soak any heavily soiled pieces so you don’t need to do extra rounds

Step 3: Use cold water if you have the option on your washing machine!

Step 4: Use energy-saving features if your machine has it, like the “20-minute wash”

6. Switch to solar power

how to save electricity at home

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This may sound harder than it actually is, to be honest.  Just log on to a shopping website and key in “solar”. There are solar-powered outdoor lights, water pumps for ponds and fountains, string lights and even power banks!

But wait, it gets better. If you’re willing to spend a little more and get actual solar panels that can generate electricity… You can sell your collected electricity to the grid to TNB as it’s part of their energy conservation initiative. 

For real, this is happening in Malaysia, so put on your schooling hats and get down to doing a lil’ research because this won’t just save electricity or your money – it will make you money: The Feed-In Tariff Malaysia Scheme

By our powers combined, we got this, gang!