Tiny furniture that will do big things for your balcony


It’s time to recognise that the balcony is a prime space in the home. With some imagination, it can be transformed into your little escape – even if it is little!

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So you’ve seen countless pretty ideas online that just won’t do for the tiny ledge outside your home that you call a balcony. The solution? Scale i.e. scale down.

There’s no excuse for under-utilising your small balcony, all you need are even smaller furniture. They have to still be cute, of course.


Since your aim is to turn it into a hangout spot or a getaway from your roommate’s terrible taste in music, seating is important. It can be small, yet comfy.

1. Crate and cushion

Collect (or buy) old crates for cheap and put them against the wall. Then, layer them with cushions for bum and back support!

This beats an actual chair for so many reasons: it’s unique, cost-effective, and the holes at the bottom of the crate aren’t as chunky as a chair, extending the visual space of the balcony.

2. Chest with cushion top

Multi-purpose furniture is ace for a small space. A chest makes for a good seat and keeps smaller items like pillows, blankets, and books away from the elements.

3. Built-in bench

If you’re committed to transforming your balcony into a trust reading corner or even a spot for guests, then a built-in bench is the way to go. Benches that seem to hang from the wall safe floor space which you can dedicate to rugs, or feet.

4. Foldable chairs

Foldable chairs are handy as you can store them away to make floor space for lounging or even yoga.

They’re also a good thing to have at home because you’ll have an extra seat for when your cousin pops by with her new arm candy during family reunion dinners.

5. Seats with singular skinny legs

Petite furniture doesn’t need to scrimp on the seat surface. Seats and tables with skinny or singular legs take up less floor space and keep the balcony looking less cluttered.

These pretty ones are from a homegrown store that restores vintage items, Second Charm.


Balconies make good secondary dining spaces – pair those poached eggs with the view of your neighbour’s laundry.

1. Stools

Instead of a space-consuming table, use a stool as a side table or coffee table! We especially like decorative and petite garden stools – they totally fit the outdoor theme too.

2. Sideways crate

Turn a crate on its side to use the top surface like a table, and the compartment at the bottom as storage – genius, no? If you don’t need the storage, then just flip the crate upside down. Paint it or stain it to a colour of your choice!

3. Foldout bar

You might have to whip out your utility belt for this one or engage a carpenter. This foldout murphy bar is space-saving, and more importantly, so cool. Storage plus table surface minus the cumbersomeness.

4. Railing table

For some, the railing is the longest side of the balcony. Make use of that space with a railing table – super space-efficient.


Most of us don’t have the luxury (or the burden) of a full-blown garden. The balcony is a good place to inject calming greenery.

1. Hanging plants

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No horizontal space? Then hang your plants! Hang your herbs or flowers on wall planters or have them suspended from the ceiling.

2. Plant stands

Stylish green plants in pots on wooden vintage stand on backgrou

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Another way to expand the visual line upwards is by using plant stands. With stands of varying heights and a variety of plants, you’ll have a unique little garden that steers clear of Marley’s digging habits.

Special touches

A practical balcony isn’t good enough. It has to meet social media standards.

1. Globe lights

You’ve heard of fairy lights, but have you heard of modern brother, globe lights? Necessary for that touch of whimsy – for your pensive Instagram posts, of course.

2. Mats

Rugs don’t work in our tropical weather and can be too clunky for a small balcony, so try decorative mats instead. Get small ones to mark different spaces, or just put one under your seating area.

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This article was originally published as Tiny furniture that will do big things for your balcony by atap.co and is written by Charmaine Kon.