Modern living room designs in Malaysia for the year 2018


Scroll through these Malaysian homes that turned their mundane living rooms into creative and unique spaces.

These creative living room ideas will look great in your home and are actually easier to pull off than you think. You’re sure to find a space that fits your personal style and inspire you to remodel your home.

With industrial interior design being all the rage recently, this home incorporated the style into their living space, creating a unique yet cosy space for family and TV time.

Curated with a classic British home in mind, the interior designers used an elegant wallpaper design for the accent wall that matches the living room decor like the pillows. In order to offset that classic interior style, the designer used neutral hues for the furniture.

Why go for neutrals when you can opt for fun colours like this teal? The bold TV cabinet colour instantly gives life to the contemporary living room interior.

If you want to play it safe but still be creative, try this country themed living room. Bring the bricks indoors to create a cosy cottage feel in your home.

Don’t want to paint your entire wall? Then opt for a fun geometric pattern like in this Scandinavian living room and dining room. The homeowners decided to add a pop of colour into the largely white space to give the home some personality.

You can also go for a more personalised print in this industrial-themed living room interior where wanderlust lives. Just because your living room is small, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style!

You can also opt to flaunt your creativity and talent by painting a mural. Alternatively, hire an interior designer or artist to advise you on an accent wall that suits your living room.

We love how the deep red accent wall in this home gives off a cosy and modern design to the entire space.

If you own a rented space but still want to create a bold living room reflects your personal style, try this hack. Instead of painting the wall, create or print a large image that will give the room character.

Who says you shouldn’t paint your walls black? See how this home transformed their living space into a cosy den with addition black and blue accent walls.

This living space screams a good time! The bright and fun hues in this contemporary semi-detached home immediately light up the room.

If bold colours are not your cup of tea, try an accent wall like this one. The wood panelling gives the entire living space a classy and elegant feel.

We love how cohesive this home looks with a continuous turquoise theme. With two accent walls, this design is the perfect balance of a modern and retro living room.

What better way to start the year than with a bright and cheery home The bright colours are a fun colour to try in your room, especially if you need to bring your small living space to life.

This gorgeous space has a flair for luxury and class as evident in its choice of furniture and decor.

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