Feng Shui guide to choosing a good home


Feng Shui guide to choosing a good home

Master Paw lists down six features to look out for when choosing a home.

1. The shape of the building

A presentable overall exterior is very important as it creates a good first impression, much like how it affects a person’s chances of success during an interview. A property with a lot of missing angles is akin to a human with missing eyes or and feet, which is certainly not ideal. Look for a property with a neat and elegant design.

2. Pay attention to the ground level

If you’re looking at a landed property pay attention to the ground level of the front yard and the backyard. A home with lower backyard and higher front yard or vice versa will project imbalance. It will create discomfort and bring harm to the owner.

3. Ideal surrounding environment

The surrounding environment is very important when buying a house. Features that you should look out for include topography, terrain, mountains, rivers, trees, roads, buildings etc. Besides the traditional Left Green Dragon, Right White Tiger, Front Phoenix, Back Tortoise, one should also take into consideration features that might exude a negative aura such as the impact from light reflection, sound, smell, sickle shape negativity (bridge or road that look like a bow), negative White Tiger (construction at the right side of the building) and so on.

4. Avoid staying near cemeteries

Avoid a home within proximity of cemeteries, funeral parlours, hospitals and other places that are prone to absorbing negative aura. It will bring unknown illnesses and bad luck to the tenant, induce nightmares, or ruin their marriage or relationship. The house also shouldn’t be facing government agencies, fire brigades, hospitals, power supply rooms, dumpsites, power distribution houses or anything that exude negativity.

5. Avoid homes built on high grounds

When buying a house, it’s critical to check the wind flow. Since the practice of Feng Shui emphasizes on the gathering of wind and aura, it is believed that a windy area will blow away auspicious aura. The ideal living environment should only have a gentle breeze and refreshing airflow. Building a house on the hill welcomes wind flow from all angles, which invite loss to the tenant.

6. Look for a home built on a flat ground

From the Feng Shui perspective, houses that are situated on slopes connote danger while houses built on flat grounds show stability.


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