Diving into the design: There’s something for everyone in this stylish family home


This warm and stylish semi-detached showroom was designed for the young, modern family in mind.

Family home interiors tend to err on either extreme of design: “grownups only” or “it’s all about the kids”. The former design concept focuses on the long term: young children eventually become grownups. Such family homes don’t allow space for play and child-like enchantment. Conversely, the latter dedicates all common areas to the kids and their toys, stationeries, and more. This makes it difficult for the adults to find space for work, or for entertaining guests.

Mil Design & Construction managed to strike a perfect balance with this 3,500 sq. ft 2-storey home featuring 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The interior also employs clever space-saving techniques to create an inclusive and interactive home.

For example, the corridor by the staircase near the entrance is converted into a kids’ station. The wall shelves and drawers here hold the kids’ school bags, stationeries, and other accessories. Meanwhile, the cosy bench is an ideal place for getting ready before school in the mornings, or even to lounge and read while the adults chatter at the dining table.

While the area is designed for the kids, its wooden textures, leather pillows, and grey throws give off a rustic and ageless look that matches the living and dining rooms. These colours, plus the cream in the rugs and cushion maintain a neutral colour palette that is modern and timeless at the same time.

A cool surprise feature in this open space is the ceiling-height chalkboard sliding door. It slides out to separate the kids’ station from the living room – whenever the adults or children need privacy or noise control. It also acts as the storeroom door and a great way to write memos, reminders, and even Friday night’s dinner menu!

Concealed storage isn’t just reserved for the storeroom, but also for the refrigerator and the kitchen’s pantry. Here, gorgeous wooden folding doors open to reveal lofty storage for serving ware, utensils, and dry foods.

The rustic kitchen is a trendy and inviting space for the family. It features hexagon clay tiles and wooden accents in the chairs and custom cabinetry. The Spanish black marble countertops are clever, as the adults can enjoy the sleek marble look while preventing stains from spills during quick family breakfasts.

Adjacent to the dining room and kitchen is an entertainment room that doubles as a guest bedroom. This lounge-worthy space centres around a cushy, walnut timber daybed which the family or guests can gather on. When guests arrive, they simply have to pull out the daybed that extends into a large double bed.

While the common spaces on the ground floor feature a more homogenous design, the bedrooms on the first floor reflect the personalities, age, and lifestyles of their owners.

Designed with a bedroom suite in mind, the master bedroom boasts upholstered walls and a customised black timber bedhead that oozes drama and class.

Besides the stunning mid-modern century loose furniture, another eye-catcher is the custom built-in wardrobe. The different storage types: drawers, exposed rack, cabinets, and cupboards not only fulfil a couple’s varying storage needs, but also complements the room’s décor.

The wardrobe is styled with unique Nordic accessory hooks while the half-glass drawers allow you a sneak peek inside so you needn’t rummage through every drawer to find that particular pair of socks. This easy access is further enhanced by the soft lighting in every compartment.

The master bedroom’s beautiful colours, luxurious materials, and lush furnishing are also a staple in the elegant bathroom that’s of course, fitted with double sinks and an oversized mirror.

Meanwhile, the children’s bedroom designs are sure to be the envy of every young boy and girl out there. The first bedroom, intended for a pre-teen boy boasts Lego-like shelving that comes in timeless colours of grey and mustard yellow instead of bright Lego colours which a young boy might easily grow out of.

With lilac, pastel blues, and light grey, it’s obvious who the remaining bedroom is designed for – a young girl. The creative built-in bed and desk here feature an elevated single bed with hanging lights and wall shelves. The frame around the bed mimics the silhouette of a house, making this nook the perfect hideaway for a child.

Just like the area downstairs by the stairs, the area by the stairs on the first floor is converted into a useful space: a study area! The L-shaped table is ideal for family craft activities or homework time.

Mil Design & Construction has aced the design brief for this family home. Its thoughtful interior enables family time while allowing the grownups and children to enjoy their own activities in allocated areas. The beautiful rustic-modern theme that is both cohesive and inclusive is the icing on the cake.

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This article was originally published as Diving into the design: There’s something for everyone in this stylish family home by atap.co and is written by Charmaine Kon.