7 fun Christmas decor you can DIY without breaking the bank


7 Fun Christmas Decor You Can DIY Without Breaking the BankSo, Christmas is just around the corner. You’ll know it’s that time of the year again when shopping malls start putting up unintentionally tacky decor (forgive them for they know not that they have sinned) all over the place and play Christmas jingles on the air. All. The. Frosting. Time.

But if the thought of joining the throng of crowd for a spot of decor-shopping at the overly claustrophobic malls fills you with dread, have no fear. You can easily DIY your Christmas decor in a very cost-effective manner and impress your friends and in-laws (we hope).

Here are some inspirations on how to create beautiful Christmas decor that won’t eat into your Christmas bonus (if any).

1. Ice cream stick snowflakes

It’s time to spend some serious money on Paddle Pop and Mat Kool ice cream because, boys and girls, we’re gonna build a snowmaaaaaan…. Oops, wait, wrong movie. What we meant is, we’re going to build snowflakes out of ice cream sticks!

This looks like an easy project, you say, and yes you’re right, it is easy! The most difficult part, though, is eating enough ice creams and popsicles to garner the sticks you need. But once you have consumed approximately a truckload of Paddle Pops, you should a) confess your gluttonous sin to your bathroom scale and b) spray-paint the sticks white or silver.

Once you have done so, you should be able to gather three sticks and fashion them together just like the picture below. Gather a dozen or so and you’ll be able to build a beautiful snowflake that won’t melt in the Malaysian heat.

Christmas snowflakes – Source: Pinterest.com

2. Fingerprint Christmas Art

There’s nothing more PERSON-alized than this artistic Christmas art decor made out of the imprints of a PERSON’s thumbprints! In fact, an even better idea would be to use different thumbprints belonging to your family and friends, then it’ll truly be a memorable Christmas decor to display.

Disclaimer: no thumbs were harmed in the making of this art.

Christmas fingerprint art – Source: Pinterest.com

3. Pool noodle candy cane

This decor is relatively easy to DIY and definitely more cost-effective than hiring a bunch of Santa’s elves to fashion out actual candy canes.

What you need is:

  • Pool noodles, any color
  • Colored sticky tape (red and white)
  • Strong, bendable wire (like a hanger)

Cut the long, foamy pool noodle into two parts, with one of them shorter than the other. Next, stick the wire into one end of the pool noodle, and proceed to bend one end like a hook. Slip the shorter noodle piece and it’ll follow the shape of the hook. When the pieces join, you can now wrap them with both red and white sticky tape. And voila, you now have a giant piece of candy cane to decorate your living room with.

P.S. Don’t forget to attach a “Don’t lick” notice on it.

Christmas pool noodle candy cane

4. Christmas-in-a-jar Jar

Got half a dozen of mason jars collecting dust in your cabinets? It’s time to chase out those pesky dust bunnies and bring forth all your Martha Stewart-esque mason jars. Our mission? Capture Christmas.

Step 1: Toss in Christmas ornament into the jar

Step 2: Close the lid.

And there you go, a two-step DIY decor guide. No guesses why this Christmas-in-a-jar project scores a 10 in our Quick-O-Meter level. Feel free to decorate the jars with glitter, red bows, ship garland and stack them in a pyramid to replicate a hipster-style albeit fragile Christmas tree.

Christmas in a jar – Source: CountryLiving.com

5. Christmas Bottle/vase Decoration

Here’s another upcycle-worthy DIY project you can do in a jiffy, and involve the kids too because decorating bottles and trying not to break them is so much fun! Yay!

Items you need include tall glass bottles, such as a discarded wine bottle after a Thanksgiving binge. Find things around the house or from the art shop like twine, glitter, craft rhinestones and you can do wonders decorating your bottle. Like the picture above shows, the Santa and Rudolph bottles are just adorbs!

Christmas bottle decor – Source: realestate.com.au

6. Christmas Button Wreath

Insanely easy to make, this Christmas button wreath is the ideal decoration for every household with a door (so that rules out the igloo, sorry Olaf!). All you need is a ring-shaped cardboard template, some green felt, a red bow and lots of buttons!

In fact, it can be a good idea to have a Christmas party where kids take part in making their own wreaths – just pack the necessary items together and have the kids Do-It-Themselves, while you relax and pat yourself on the back for having outsourced the creation of your Christmas decor. Ahh, bliss…

Christmas button wreath – Source: TurkishlyDelightful.com

7. Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

What could be more romantic than celebrating Christmas by the warm, glowing candlelight? Besides being able to lower your TNB bills, you’ll infuse the atmosphere with the fresh, aromatic scent of cinnamon sticks that’s sure to please everyone dropping by your home.

Items you need for this decor include cinnamon sticks, candle holder, double-sided tape, twine and/or bow. The picture is pretty much explanatory – just place double-sided tape around the candle holder, gather the cinnamon sticks and have them stand all around the glass like yuetiao ready to be roasted by the fire. Tie them up with twine and a red bow, and there you have it, your very own sweet-scented yuletide candle!

Christmas cinnamon candle holder – Source: homestoriesatoz.com

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