6 spots you’ve probably missed when cleaning your home

How thorough do you think your cleaning is?

Cleaning a house from top to bottom can be a daunting task. And, try as we might, it’s not easy to give every nook and cranny its due scrubbing.

Read on for a useful checklist (read: battle plan) of areas around your home that are commonly overlooked by the most well-meaning Malaysian homeowner and housework-er.

1. Ceiling fan blades

Ceiling fan and air conditioning

© Aleksandrs Tihonovs | 123rf

Say what? Ceiling fans are very good at collecting dirt, dust mites, and general nastiness that they can pepper the room with if not cleaned regularly.

You’ll need: A stepladder, an old pillowcase/shoe bag, and a watered-down white vinegar mixture.

What to do: Ensure the fan is switched off (you might want to tape down the switch) before you start. Open your pillowcase and spritz some cleaning solution on the inside of the top layer.

Climb your ladder and slot the opened pillowcase over one fan blade (as if you’re wearing the case onto the blade) with the dampened side in contact with the top of the fan blade.

Slide the pillowcase off to wipe clean. The debris should fall into the pillowcase neatly. Repeat until sparkling!

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2. Light fixtures

White Kitchen Design

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Say what? Sure, living in the tropics is paradise. But a side effect of paradise is the dead bugs that have an uncanny ability to collect in light fixtures. Not ideal, given that dirty bulbs shed 30% less light.

You’ll need: A stepladder, dishwashing liquid, sponge, and microfibre cloth.

What to do: Ensure the light is completely switched off before carefully unscrewing your light bowl/cover.

Tip out any debris and soak the components (minus the bulbs) in a sink of warm soapy water. Gently scrub off the grime and dry with a microfibre cloth. Wait until completely dry before re-attaching.

3. Doorknobs and door handles

man opens the door knob

© Alexey Koldunov | 123rf

Say what? These bad boys may be small but they’re powerful germ magnets, as are your hands, which come into contact with the knobs frequently.

You’ll need: Antibacterial cleaning solution/white vinegar solution and a cleaning cloth.

What to do: Make a point of wiping down all the handles/knobs on all the doors and windows around the house weekly.

4. Laundry & dishwashing machines

© Three Birds Renovations

Say what? Our laundry and dishwashing machines work tirelessly to clean things for us. Show them some love by keeping them in tip-top shape.

You’ll need: A damp cloth and white vinegar spray.

What to do: Wipe down the entire washer drum of the washing machine, clean around the tub/rubber seal, and don’t forget to clean out the detergent tray. Follow this same procedure for the dishwasher – just be sure to also wipe the arm itself.

5. Refrigerator coils

serviceman cleaning refrigerator

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Say what? A clean set of fridge coils can make all the difference to how well your fridge runs, and hence to your electricity bills.

You’ll need: A vacuum and a small painter’s brush.

What to do: Safety first – remove the power unit. Pull out the fridge and use the vacuum on the coils to remove as much dust as you can. Use a small, soft brush to clear out the smaller spaces. Voila, squeaky clean fridge coils!

6. Toilet brush holder

Toilet brush and holder

© alexlmx | 123rf

Say what?: Ah, the dreaded toilet brush. So useful, yet so taken for granted.

You’ll need: A mop, a cleaning cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, gloves, and a disinfectant spray.

What to do: We recommend cleaning your toilet brush holder every time you clean your toilet. Mop around the area (getting right behind the toilet) and give the surrounding walls a good wipe-down.

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Next, spritz some disinfectant on the toilet brush and its holder, then let it drain over the toilet bowl for about 10 minutes. Follow with boiling hot water and let dry.

We leave you with this handy infographic for some other areas that aren’t to be neglected. Happy cleaning!

This article was originally published as 6 spots you’ve probably missed when cleaning your home by atap.co and is written by Dani Willat.