6 must-haves for your first home


Moving into your first home is a major milestone and challenge. You are sure to remember to invest in the obvious like a bed, couch, fridge, and wardrobe but what about the smaller details we often forget?

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We’ve put together a list of must-haves for every first-time homeowner.

1. Mail organiser

While most of our mail comes through the internet, snail mail is still a crucial part of the billing industry. We often receive important documents, bills, and invites in the mail so it’s best to allocate a specific space or storage for these items. This prevents us from having to search high and low through the home for envelopes and bills.

2. Keyholders

Aside from socks, keys, are the second most misplaced item. Keys somehow manage to go missing during crucial times like when you’re late for work, before mysteriously appearing in the oddest of places. Prevent these frantic searches by placing a keyholder or bowl at the foyer of your home so you can pick them up as you leave and drop them off as you enter.

3. Rags

This may not seem like an essential part of a home but it plays a major role in preventing a kitchen catastrophe. Oven mitts and kitchen towels are live-savers in the kitchen. Stop yourself from burning your fingertips and using up rolls of toilet paper to clean up messes with these two kitchen must-haves.

4. Plunger

Unfortunately, this essential part of every bathroom is often missed out. The plunger needs to be a permanent fixture in every bathroom because at any given time without notice, you’ll find yourself with a clog. Prevent overflowing toilets and sinks that can lead to severe water damage with the help of the nifty plunger.

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5. First aid kit

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First aid kits are a general necessity in every household. You’ll never know when you may need them but it’s always best to keep a fully stocked first aid kit in your home. You’ll be able to dress small cuts, manage burns, and alleviate bigger medical emergencies while waiting for the professionals.

6. Lights 

We know every home is equipped with necessary lighting but we have to be prepared for power outages and emergencies. Candles are often our first go-to blackout option but searching for a match or lighter in the dark can be a hassle. Instead, store emergency flashlights in various corners of your home. Don’t always rely on the flashlight that comes with your phone as it drains your battery, and you don’t want to lose your communication lines in a blackout.

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This article was originally published as 6 must-haves for your first home by atap.co and is written by Lydia Lohshini.