5 tips to keep your bathroom sparkling clean all the time

No one likes a dirty bathroom. Period.

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If you’ve been following my ‘lazy man’s guide’, you’d notice that I’m always looking for ways to get chores done with minimal effort. When it comes to cleaning, it is safe to say that the bathroom is everyone’s least favourite part of the house to tackle. (It certainly isn’t mine!) One thing I’ve learned from years of (forced) bathroom cleaning is that daily or weekly maintenance is the key to an easy-to-clean bathroom when it comes to the actual cleaning day.

I’ve picked up some cleaning tricks you can try to incorporate into your routine and some clever hacks that will make cleaning a breeze.

Use toilet bowl cleaner tablets

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This is hands-down one of the best inventions out there. As the name suggests, this automatic toilet bowl cleaner does a fantastic job at keeping the toilet bowl spotless and odour-free for up to 3-months. You no longer have to be slaving over the toilet bowl, scrubbing stains and cakes away.

Use mildew-resistant shower curtain

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Shower curtains may add a touch of elegance to the bathroom, but they’re also a nightmare to clean. A shower curtain that remains damp long after a shower is the perfect breeding ground for mildew growth – and left unchecked, it can become hazardous to your health. If you notice the presence of this fungus in your bathroom, it’s best to swap your current shower curtain with a mildew-resistant shower curtain.

Regularly clean faucets with lime and salt to keep rust at bay

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Rust is like cancer for a car, building or furniture or cavity for teeth. The longer you leave the corrosion untreated, the more it eats at the structure away until eventually there is nothing left. This rusting process is usually sped up the presence of water or in the case of our climate, humidity.

Try the lemon-salt method to keep rust at bay. Squeeze out the lemon juice on the salted areas and leave it to sit for two hours. Use the inside of the lemon rind to scrub everything off as it is abrasive enough to dislodge the rust and gentle enough not to damage the metal surface. You only need to do this once a month.

Vinegar spray and baby oil is your glass shower door’s best friend

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Well, from now on it should be yours too. Glass shower doors are notorious for their tendency to accumulate soap scum and grime over time. Instead of putting your back through torture trying to scrub it to a squeak, fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water.

All you have to do is spritz the front and back of the shower doors with the solution and let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Follow this step with a coat of baby oil to prevent the buildup of soap scum and grime.

Rub furniture polish on doors and cabinets

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Here’s another nifty trick that will make cleaning easy. The next time you clean your bathroom walls, finish off by wiping them down with furniture oil. Leave the oil to stand for five minutes, before polishing off the excess with a dry, clean cloth.

The furniture oil acts as a buffer that prevents the buildup of soap scum. It also leaves your bathroom tiles looking shiny and polished. Make sure to apply some in problem areas, particularly around the drainage where there is a tendency for scum to buildup. But avoid the floor at all cost!