4 home designing tips we picked up from playing Sims


It’s amazing what you can learn from playing a computer game

sims, interior design

Let’s play some, err, life. Source: Game screen capture by Adrian Yap

Ever heard of the computer game Sims? There’s probably a good chance you have given the game a try since it reportedly sold 200 million copies worldwide since the series was first launched back in 2000.

That’s a staggering number, made even more staggering when you consider the premise of the game – it neither involves you being a part of a global marine unit shooting down aliens nor you running around town chasing down cute magical creatures. Nope.

The game basically puts you in charge of a person’s (dubbed Sims) life. From designing their background, building their career, growing their friendship network and exploring relationships, Sims basically puts you in the pilot seat of navigating your Sims through, well, the ‘mundanity’ of life.

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What, as if we don’t have enough of ‘life’ to live and endure that we have to invent a game about doing it as well? But guess what, it clearly works for a lot of people!

So what is it about the game that attracts such obsession from its fan base? Perhaps it’s the notion of designing a life you really want and living vicariously through it.

Since the game’s publisher, Origin.com, is giving away the game’s latest edition (Sims 4) for free until May 28, we thought it would be a good idea to list down some excellent interior designing tips we’ve learned from playing Sims. One of the most enjoyable features of the game is that it allows you to build and design a home for your Sims based on the budget available for you. Here are our top 4 tips.

Don’t just fill a space because you have it

sims, interior design

Allow your space some leg room to breathe a little. Source: Game screen capture by Adrian Yap

The one big lesson we’ve learned from playing the game is that a space needs, well, space to breathe. If you pack a space with too many pieces of furniture and features, Sims that you have over for a party will actually get stuck trying to move around your home, creating bad traffic flow, or you will find them using ridiculously impractical journeys to get to the kitchen or the bathroom.

There is a tendency for us to cramp things into empty spaces instead of allowing it some stretching room to breathe. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a space is to not do anything. Unless you want to live like a hermit, considering the space you need when you have people over is important.

Be consistent to a theme, and not just the way a piece of item looks on its own

sims, interior design

Choose your furniture wisely. Source: Game screen capture by Adrian Yap

It’s important to consider just how a piece of furniture would fit in the overall theme and space of your home. Just because a couch looks nice in a showroom, doesn’t mean it would look nice in your living room at home.

Sims 4 allows you to easily view various styles of a certain piece of furniture in a single scrollable view. It’s probably similar to browsing in a catalogue but the difference is, in this case you get to insert the piece of furniture in the space and see how it looks before purchasing it.

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This is something we should try and do more in reality and not just buy something just because it looks nice on its own.

Be open to other themes and designs and not be just fixated to the ones you are familiar with

sims, interior design

Be open to other themes for your space. Source: Game screen capture by Adrian Yap

Sims 4 allows the player to easily choose a bundle theme for a certain space (for example a themed kitchen), thereby exposing a certain space in your home to various themes just to see how it looks.

This would sound impossible to do in real life because most of us probably build spaces over time by gradually acquiring pieces of furniture. However, this reminds us that exploring different themes holistically can expose you to an aesthetic concept that you were not so opened to before. Once you see the full potential of what your space could look like, your eyes may be more receptive to embracing them.

Living habits should inform your furniture, and not the other way around

Sometimes we can get fixated with the idea of designing a space in a certain way that we forgo something basic like our lifestyle habits. Notice how sometimes, despite us buying a piece of furniture especially for a specific purpose, we end up doing that very activity on a less practical piece of furniture. Like how we sometimes find ourselves lazing on a couch to read as opposed to reading on the wing chair you bought specifically for reading.

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sims, interior design

Like reading on the dining table when there is a wing chair for reading? Source: Game screen capture by Adrian Yap

In Sims 4, if you happen to place your bookshelf near the dining table, your Sims is going to grab the nearest chair, which would be the dining ones, and read on it. Never mind that there is a more comfortable couch and reading chair nearby. While we would never be that robotic in real life, the lesson we can learn here is that we should always allow our general living habits to inform what furniture to buy for our home rather than trying to inculcate a lifestyle by buying a piece of furniture, because this almost never works.

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