4 essentials for your home office


This list of essentials will help you set up a comfortable and productive home office.

Nothing beats being your own boss, and one of its best perks is having full creative control over how your workspace looks. A home office is a great way to separate work time from home time. It’s also essential in helping you stay focused on all business matters. 

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Before planning out your home office space, you’ll need to start with a list of wants and needs. This is particularly important because it can be easy to go overboard with your shopping. To help you stay on course, one question you’ll need to ask yourself is this: what do you absolutely need for your home office? If you need some help answering that, here are a few ideas for the basic necessities, and a little more for some pizzazz. 

1. Work Desk

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This may be a no-brainer, but you can’t settle on just any type of desk. Invest in a sturdy work desk that won’t fall apart after a year of heavy-duty usage. Sure, a proper work table may cost a little more than a DIY one, but a good and solid table won’t make the office feel too cramped, crowded, or leave you with documents strewn across the floor when it collapses. Two things are key: space and comfort. Try out tables for size to see how suitable they are for your working style and space. 

2. Chair

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This is perhaps the most important part of any home office, as you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on it – so make sure it’s a comfortable one. Test as many as you need to before committing to one. Look for something that won’t affect your posture in the long run. Ideally, you’ll want your work desk and chair to coexist harmoniously and form a work environment tailored just for you. 

3. Lighting

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Staring at the computer screen for hours on end already strains our eyes – make it a point to invest in proper lighting to ease that. Not having proper lighting can lead to eye issues and also cause headaches. Cool temperature lighting is better than warm temperature lighting as the former encourages productivity. 

4. Cabinets & Storage 

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Organise, organise, organise. Some people work best with creative clutter, but being organised and knowing exactly where everything you need will make a huge difference in increasing your productivity. An organised office will save you plenty of time from looking through piles of paperwork and the like. With so many types of storage boxes, shelves, and cabinets in the market, there’s bound to be one that works best for your work needs. Pro tip: increase efficiency by labelling your storage spaces. 

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Now that you’ve covered all the essentials, here’s the fun part: your wishlist. There’s no denying that we all have a dream workspace. You can start out simple by adding decorations such as potted plants for a touch of greenery, framed photographs and posters (motivational quotes always work great), and basic decor pieces that aren’t too distracting. 

If your budget and floor space allow, dial things up with a jukebox, bean bags, and maybe a large screen monitor – to help you look at those accounting sheets better, of course. 

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