10 signs you’ve messed up your kitchen design


Just completed a kitchen reno? Fingers crossed you didn’t commit these design crimes.

And if you’re about to embark on a transformation in this zone, ensure you avoid these makeover blunders.

One-size-fits-all for your drawers

It’s a common rookie mistake to only allow a standard four set of drawers for cutlery and other bits and pieces beneath your benchtop. However, drawers for pots and pans are a godsend you simply must include.

Tip: Make sure they’re at a height that’s easy to reach too (pots can get heavy, right?!)

Deep kitchen cabinet drawers are great for storing your pots and pans. Picture: Getty

There’s no lip on the bench

You don’t have to have a full breakfast bar to seat six people, but do ensure you have a lip deep enough on the outer side of your bench so that stools can be pushed underneath. There’s nothing worse than attempting to have guests sit at a solid bench with no lip. It just never works.

If your dream kitchen includes a set of gorgeous bar stools like these, make sure your bench design includes a lip deep enough to fit over them. Picture: Meir Australia

Your cupboards don’t go high enough

In a small kitchen especially, storage space is crucial, so you have to maximise every inch available to you. Ensure you take cupboards all the way to the roof if your plan allows for it. The items you don’t use every day can stay up top, while your everyday necessities must be kept within easy reach.

A small apartment kitchen can work just as well as a large one, as long as there’s great storage, such as deep kitchen cupboards. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

The oven sits too low

Planning on staying in your forever home for years to come? Consider how your back will feel when you hit your more mature years and have to bend down to chuck a chook in the oven. Think ahead and allocate a space higher up in your kitchen to install your oven and microwave in. Future you will thank yourself for it.

If you plan on your kitchen serving you for years to come, future proof it with wall-mounted ovens and your back will thank you! Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

Your pantry is like Narnia

Ever go into your pantry for something and feel as though you’ve entered another world in which you may never escape? That’s because you’ve not planned your pantry design properly. Sure, allow space between shelves, but don’t go overboard. Also install lazy Susans and tier your mini shelves so that everything is in easy reach.

Not enough power points

You can honestly never have too many power points. Install them everywhere! If you have a kitchen island, I’d highly recommend placing powerpoints on either end of it, and consider power points with USB ports so that iPads don’t die on you mid-recipe.

Love technology in the kitchen, whether it’s an iPad or kitchen accessory? Plan ahead with multiple power points. Picture: Getty

The layout doesn’t feature ‘the triangle’

Any good kitchen floor plan should have the sink, fridge and oven in a triangular formation so that you can turn from one to the other with ease when cooking. The last thing you want is the fridge at one end and the sink at the other. This is not a zone for exercising in.

You won’t have to move far to whip up delicious meals in this stunning contemporary-style kitchen. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

You haven’t thought of task lighting

People often get carried away with dreaming (and then installing) gorgeous pendant lights above their kitchen island. By all means, do that, but also take time to plan lighting for other pockets, like over your stove and prep areas. If you’ve already finished your kitchen and need more illumination, strip lighting is very affordable.

Pendant lights look stunning, but they won’t successfully light up all the areas you need to work in. Rather, strip lighting above the prep area is a clever and affordable idea. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

The cabinetry is all the one colour

Now this concept isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but it’s often nice to have the upper and lower kitchen cabinetry in a different colourway. If your flooring is dark brown, for example, try having the upper cabinetry in a matching tone, and the lower cabinetry in a white. It’s a nice way to break up all the darkness in the space.

Feel free to play with the colour of your cabinets to break up any darkness in the space. Picture: Tamara Graham

There’s no home office functionality

You might not have the space for a full-blown study nook in your kitchen, but at the very least have a small pocket with a stool, a USB powerpoint, and a drawer dedicated to stationery and bills. Many modern kitchen islands feature drawers on the outer side for kids to store homework in (and it looks as clean as ever!).

Ensure your bench top is multi-functional and can go from kitchen prep zone to kids’ homework zone in a flash. Picture: Getty

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This article was originally published as 10 signs you’ve messed up your kitchen design by www.realestate.com.au and is written by Chris Carroll.