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5 reasons why 360 virtual property tours are the future


Viewing a home without leaving your couch? Nuff said. Here are 5 reasons why people are opting for 360 virtual property tours.  

virtual reality house tour
Hyoung Chang | Getty Images

Given how busy we are with work and life commitments, carving out some time to view and eventually purchase a property can be quite impossible to weave into our busy schedule. The only time available to do that would be on weekends when we really should be resting and doing other less mind-taxing things.

Enter the concept of 360 virtual property tours. The future has arrived – now you can view properties from the comfort of your couch. Besides the fact that experiencing a 360 virtual property tour is a super cool concept, there are other reasons why it could be the default way people view properties in the future. Here are five reasons why.

1. Not having to be physically there

Woman wearing VR Virtual Reality Headset
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In this new normal of social distancing, people are generally being a little gingerly about going about too much. A 360 virtual tour offers interested home buyers an excellent opportunity to view and survey a property online, giving you an immersive experience that feels like you’re physically there.

Just check out some properties that offer virtual tours in Kuchai Lama or the one in Kota Kemuning.

2. Having more options to choose from

property scale model
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Buying a brand new property is a big life decision. Potential home buyers want to view as many properties as they can in order to make the right choice, but the truth is that’s almost physically impossible unless you have all the time in the world or a Star Trek teleporter (last we checked, doesn’t exist yet).

That can change with 360 virtual property tours. Now potential property buyers can view more properties, all within the comforts of their (current) home. You don’t need to schedule an appointment or set aside an extensive amount of time. The viewing can be done anytime, anywhere.

While in the past you would have to be more targeted about the areas you would be viewing properties from, with 360 tours, you can view properties from as varied places as Subang Jaya to Kajang and all the way to Bangi (Cerrado Suites), if you are feeling truly adventurous.

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3. Physically view only the ones you love

home sweet home
© Przemyslaw Koch | 123rf

It’s true that a virtual tour is not exactly the same as being physically there viewing a property. But how many times have you walked into a property you are viewing, and you are immediately not that hot about it. Maybe it’s the placement of the rooms, the lack of sunlight, the configuration of the kitchen, etc. It feels like wasted time when you know you’re not going to consider that property at all.

Virtual tours can help by helping you decide if the property is something you would consider viewing. This way, you only set appointments to physically view properties on your shortlist and not waste time on those that do not fulfil some essential factors you have as a property buyer.

This is not only useful for properties that are in far-off states. Even for properties within the Klang Valley that may be a little far off for someone who lives in KL, like Edusentral at Setia Alam and Edupshere @ Cyberjaya, a virtual tour can be a useful starting point for you to explore the kind of properties you can get in those areas without having to brave the busy traffic and long drive just to get there.

4. More time to view and consider

Couple with real-estate agent visiting house for sale
© goodluz | 123rf

Viewing a property can sometimes feel like a rushed affair. Having an agent or two accompanying you and giving you opinions on the property can be useful. But it can sometimes feel like you’re not being given enough space to think about the property properly. Taking photos of a property helps to an extent but you can only take a picture from very limited angles.

Especially with larger landed properties in Johor, you want to have enough time to consider all aspects of the property and sometimes that may be hard when you have agents or even owners around. A 360 virtual tour allows you to revisit the property should you have any questions regarding the premises or the placement of certain things.

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5. Being able to view properties that are out of the way

Couple Looking At House
© Andriy Popov | 123rf

Assuming you are living in KL but you are interested to invest in a new development somewhere far off like in Nilai or Johor, you would have to carve out the time to travel there to view the property and it would be a shame if it turns out you actually don’t like the place.

So, it’s a great thing that those properties do have 360 virtual tours to give you an idea on the property you are interested in. Assuming it looks good, you can follow up with an appointment for a physical viewing later.

As you can see, there are many benefits to 360 virtual property tours that can really change the way home buyers approach the process of identifying and purchasing a property. That’s why we will be launching i360, your personal 360 virtual tour viewing experience. We are bringing the property showroom to you, whenever and wherever you are. Check out the site here.

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