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How to give your bedroom a makeover for under RM500


Transform your room from drab to fab without breaking the bank.

First things first – you have to decide on a theme. The only way to stay on budget for your bedroom makeover is via careful planning. Pick a vibe/location you want to channel, select a main colour and about two accent colours. Think of what you need in that space. You can then browse through online and physical stores with specific goals in mind.

Here’s how you can makeover your room for under RM500:

1. Add texture to your accent walls

Leaves in wooden frames
© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

You can do this either with paint or wallpaper. If you choose to paint, you don’t even have to buy those expensive ‘texture paints’ – just hack it yourself. Paint the wall with a colour you like that complements the original paint on the wall. Then use a dry sponge roller over the half-dry paint. It’ll create a nice texture at a minimal cost. Alternatively, you can use removable wallpaper easily found online. Just stick it on the wall behind your headboard or right across from your bed.

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Cost: Between RM80-150 depending on how much wall you want to cover and which brand you choose. You could do just the top or bottom 1/3 of the room and get the same effect.

2. Get some new lighting

pastel colour room with king-sized bed and a pendant lamp
© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Wall lights or floor lamps can add drama. Many home decor stores have a great selection of wall lamps that are basically spotlight as well as floor lamps. They would fit just about any theme. Choose a warm white colour for the ceiling and floor lamps. Drape a sheer scarf over them when you want some mood lighting. For areas where you need something brighter, like your bedside or desk, look for cool white LED lamps.

Cost: RM30-100

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3. Pick new bedspreads

Patterned blanket on wooden bed and armchair in grey bedroom interior with poster and plants. Real photo
© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

You’d be amazed how much a new bedspread set can really change a room. Pick a design and colour that match your colour scheme. For example, if you’re going for a Miami-beach-day vibe, you can use pastel pink or blue sheets and pillow cases with a comforter that has a monstera leaf pattern all over. A good rule is to stick to light, plain sheets paired with a coloured/textured blanket or comforter. The blanket is always the statement piece of any bed. Add a couple of throw pillows to up the cosy-factor.

Cost: RM60 for a set or two of sheets and quilt cover.

4. DIY some new curtains

Beautiful interior with soul
© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

A good trick in making your room look taller is to hang your curtain rods a little higher than the top of your window panes (thanks Bobby Berk from Queer Eye for that tip) and longer curtains. Custom curtains can blow your budget out of the water. Instead, just buy floor length curtains and send them to your local tailor to have them altered and hemmed to your desired length.

Cost: About RM50-80 for a set of floor-length curtains and less than RM30 for re-hemming. If you have your own sewing machine or know someone who does, even better.

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5. Give your old furniture new life

comfortable living room, interior of a nice loft
© Alexandre Zveiger | 123rf

If you’ve accumulated plenty of mismatched furniture over the years like me, a quick and cheap fix is to repaint them all the same colour with matching accents (i.e navy blue with gold handles and trimmings). Your local hardware store should have a selection of paints that work on a variety of surfaces. Pick the colour and finish you prefer, and presto! You have ‘new’ furniture.

Cost: RM30 for paint and a couple of brushes. Just visit your local hardware store.

6. Install a simple bed canopy

© 123rf

This is the perfect way to add some ‘hotel chic’ to your bedroom. Some sheer chiffon/lace affixed on the ceiling just over your headboard will immediately add some pizzazz to the entire space with minimal effort. You can use small hooks to attach the fabric to the ceiling. Be careful to drape it elegantly. The hooks will allow you to easily remove the canopy for a wash every now and then.

Cost: RM10-15 for nice flowy fabric and some wall hooks. You can spend an extra RM20 to get some fairy light to drape inside the canopy for some added romantic vibes.

Taking the highest prices of everything mentioned above, you’ll come up to about RM455. That gives you some wiggle room to spend more on areas that are more important to you. Maybe get yourself a very green fake plant to liven up the room!

With a new wall, new lights, new sheets, new curtains for you ‘tall’ window, matching furniture, and a flowy canopy, you’ve officially transformed your room from drab to fab!

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