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This 977 sq ft condo is the very definition of luxe minimalist


See how this interior designer created a minimalist home with sleek furnishings, opulent design and colours that complement each other. 

Homeowners come in every stripe. There are those who might rely on an interior designer to guide them towards the style that fits them best, and then there are those whose aesthetic is immediately evident as soon as you meet them. The clients of this project—two sisters—were very squarely in the latter camp. “How they dress is very minimal, so we knew from the beginning what their aesthetic would be,” said Rowena Gonzales, founder and interior designer at eco-friendly design firm Liquid Interiors, who was commissioned to transform a split-level, 977-square-foot condo from the ground up.

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The luxurious property attracted the sisters due to its convenient location and stunning building exterior—particularly its lush green walls. A two-storey condominium is not easy to find, too. However, the barebones interior design left much to be desired, which is where Liquid Interiors came in. “It was an empty shell,” recalled Gonzales. “They liked the kitchen, but the flooring and materials in the bathroom were too warm for them.”

Liquid Interiors’ usual process is to interview the client to get a sense of their taste, then create a series of mood boards corresponding to potential designs. The theme that the sisters went for was dubbed “minimal yogi”. It was white, light and airy, featuring black lines, luxurious materials, and greenery. In addition to elevating the home’s style, Liquid Interiors also endeavoured to create an abode that would fulfil a variety of functions: practicing yoga, entertaining friends, and enjoying video games.

The studio also incorporated its signature design approach, which focuses strongly on health and wellness. “One of the clients has allergies and very sensitive skin and air quality is a big issue for them,” explained Gonzales. “So we incorporated a professional-grade air purification system throughout the house.” Other health-conscious elements include Liquid Interiors staples such as water purification, circadian lighting, and the use of non-toxic materials.

The layout was mostly left unchanged; the spacious living area lent itself well to entertaining and exercising alike. “In a typical family setting, you’d probably have a larger dining table,” said Gonzales, “but what we did was push it to the side so we could have more open space in the middle.” The kitchen is sectioned off by a marble bar, which presents another space for socialising and features glass storage and plants overhead. The home’s private spaces are found on the second floor, which comprises two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Another element on the checklist was smart storage, as the clients had plenty of belongings. Gonzales introduced ingenious solutions such as a bookshelf under the stairs, a bespoke stone tile TV unit that conceals the sisters’ entertainment and gaming systems, and a multifunctional coffee table. Inside, it fits two yoga mats, hand weights, and other small exercise equipment and doubles up as a meditation platform—all while adhering to a minimalist aesthetic.

In fact, the blend of modern and Zen is perhaps the most unique aspect of the project, evoking a sense of harmony that accurately reflects its inhabitants. “They really complement each other,” said Gonzales, explaining how the sisters’ slight differences in tastes fit together perfectly. “They make a great team.”  

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