“The homeowner wanted her home to be luxurious and glamorous, like living in a hotel,” said Eric Fung of E F Design, who was commissioned for the project. “She is also especially in love with the colour gold and requested us to use it heavily in our design.” Considering that E F Design’s aesthetic tends towards the luxurious, with ample usage of marble, metal and leather, the project was a perfect match for the studio.

The apartment is a vision of marble and gold accents. The entrance is done up in white marble flecked with grey, with a reflective grey ceiling granting an air of spaciousness. Stepping into the home leads you to the open living and dining area and beyond that lies the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Furnishings were mostly custom made to allow for specific dimensions that would suit the flat. While furniture and accessories were mostly purchased new, the homeowner made sure to take her handbag collection with her, giving it a place of pride in her new home in a specially constructed display cabinet.

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Originally, the apartment was dark with small, impractical rooms. The living area was smaller than the kitchen, so Fung swapped the two spaces around. Now, the living area opens onto the balcony. Fung also employed a light colour scheme and clever lighting to open up the space. “For example, the lighting feature wall behind the sofa adds definition,” he explained.

Since the homeowner doesn’t often cook, the kitchen was installed simply with the basics, with a bar counter that doubles as a dining table speaking to the homeowner’s love of sharing drinks with friends. “We really liked the open kitchen and marble bar,” said Fung. “The bar area is really the highlight of the living and dining area, making it feel more like a hotel than a normal home.” The bar even features a gold steel frame above the counter where wine glasses can be hung. There’s a wine cabinet secreted in the foyer as well.

In the private areas of the apartment, the bedroom enjoys views of the surrounding scenery. The bathroom, meanwhile, is the homeowner’s favourite area at home. She requested both a shower and bathtub so some space was borrowed from the bedroom to accommodate. A pane of glass separates the bathroom from the bedroom, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the view or watch television right from the comfort of her bathtub. Convenient yet discreet storage is the finishing touch.

The end result is a luxurious home for a savvy, single professional demonstrating that a sophisticated space definitely doesn’t require sprawling square footage.

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