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The hottest lighting ideas for 2018


Whether you’re building, renovating or making simple changes to your home, use this guide to shine a light on lighting design trends for 2018.

Decorative light globes, low-hanging pendant lighting and natural textures in everything from kitchen lighting to LED light , fairy lights, and funky floor lamps will play a stellar role in lighting trends this year. Here’s what to watch to stay one step ahead…

1. Natural textures for grounded lighting

“In 2018, everyone will be looking for ways to get more connected to nature,” says Jessica Bellef, head of styling at Temple & Webster.

So ditch fluorescent lighting that makes your home look cheap and go natural instead.

This year will see us become even closer to nature, with natural materials such as sisal, rattan and cane making their way into lighting designs. Picture: Denise Braki/Temple & Webster. Styling: Allira Bell

Natural materials, such as sisal, rattan and cane, will take centre stage in our home lighting, and will move beyond being used simply for coastal-style houses.

“This plays on our fascination with wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of beauty in imperfection,” says Jessica.

Tip: Look for lighting ideas featuring earthy materials like clay and subtly washed timbers.

2. Elegant industrial for sleek-look lighting

Industrial-style lighting will see a new emphasis on sleekness, sophistication and elegance.

Industrial-style lighting will be sleeker, sexier and more elegant than ever in 2018. Picture: Denise Braki/Temple & Webster. Styling: Sarah Cousens.

“This year will see the shapes of vintage factory lighting and farmhouse fittings simplified and updated via sleek, black metals,” says Jessica.

“We will see metallics lean toward matte finishes and lots of light bulb in vintage brass and soft gold in clean lines.”

3. Low-hanging statement pendant lights

According to Jessica, 2018 will be a “low” year for pendant lighting.

“We will become more experimental with the height that we drop pendant lights down to over kitchen islands, dining tables and bedside tables.”

“You’ll get bonus points for clustering multiple dropping pendants, too,” she adds.

Don’t be afraid to go extra low when it comes to hanging your pendant lights. Picture: Denise Braki/Temple & Webster. Styling: Jono Fleming.

4. Creative and comforting globe lighting

Lighting designs that help create intimate, comforting spaces which allow us to rejuvenate and relax will be big in 2018.

“We were all hyped up on Hygge in 2017, and we’ll continue to be inspired by the Danes in 2018,” says Jessica. “We’ll be dimming our lights to create intimate spaces that feel like a big reassuring hug.”

We’ll see more table lamp designs that highlight the beauty of the light bulb itself, such as these globes. Picture: Beacon Lighting

The recent trend of decorative globes is also set to continue. “They are made just like they were in Edison’s time,” says Denise Hammond, product specialist at Beacon Lighting.

If you like the idea of decorative globes but need stronger light, try LED lights or neon lights.

5. Adjustable lighting

Smart lighting schemes are designed with flexibility in mind. “When LED was new, there was little available for tailoring lights to suit different needs, but developments are happening all the time,” says Denise.

Denise recommends ceiling lights that allow you to alter the light globe’s beam width from 15 to 65 degrees, as this will enable you to highlight a specific feature of a room. Not to mention, it makes the perfect night light too!

“Choose gimbal downlights that can be redirected and consider the fact that standing floor lamps and table lamps can instantly change the mood of a space without the need of an electrician,” suggests Jessica.

6. Lighting design first, not last

The big trend that both experts expect to see grow is considering lighting decisions in the initial stages of a renovation, rather than at the last minute.

“Whether you are reconfiguring an existing space or building from the foundations up, your lighting scheme shouldn’t be an afterthought,” says Jessica.

This concrete pendant light doubles as an architectural feature in this dining space. Picture: Beacon Lighting

These pleas are not just about aesthetics. “Thoughtful lighting can halve the cost,” says Denise.

Lower cost, more individual and stylish lighting? That’s a trend we can all embrace.

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