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5 simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without renovation


Sick of seeing the same old kitchen for the 100th time? We’ve got your back. Here are five simple things you can do to upgrade your kitchen to its former glory without renovation.

Modern wooden kitchen with white island and dining space
Kitchen improvements don’t have to cost a lot of money © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Queuing up in the expensive home department store should not be priority number one when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. In fact, most of us aren’t even able to afford the luxury of spending thousands just to change a single tile on our kitchen. But not to worry — we’ve got you covered.

1. Change the wallpaper

A change in your kitchen wall can alter the entire look and feel of the space © 123rf

Take a look at your wall and ask yourself these questions: are you happy with how it looks and was it too dull or drab? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. You’d be surprised at how a simple floral-designed wallpaper can lift your mood instantly. Repainting the whole kitchen or changing the floor tiles (even if it’s a small kitchen) might cost a fortune and take up too much time. With wallpapers, you can easily change it up when you grow tired of it. Better yet, you can easily get this wallpaper at the Eco Store at only RM2 per strip. Get 10 strips and you can easily cover the entire bedroom too.

2. Install floating shelves

Black and white kitchen design.
Floating shelves are a great as they free up counter space in your kitchen © 123rf

Having racks for all your utensils, cutlery and everything else is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s something you can do to make your kitchen a little more organised. However, clutter happens and you need to be a little more creative with the way you organise your kitchen. Enter floating shelves. You can easily get these in Tesco, IKEA, or any other department stores. These shelves will do wonders for your kitchen and free up some countertop space in your kitchen. The best thing? It won’t burn a hole in your wallet. One thing to take note of is the height of the other people at home — never place the shelve too high that others aren’t able to reach it. 

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3. Hang a pegboard

No space to store the extra pots and utensils? Don’t worry, just hand them up! © 123rf

Whether you cook often or not, you’d at least have one pot in your kitchen. Having it sit around on your new shelves is never a good look. Also, it’s probably usually wet, which could ruin your shelves. To avoid the mess, install a pegboard and hang up your pot with hooks. Just pay your local hardware store a visit — they should have some at an affordable price. This will instantly spruce up your kitchen interior too! 

4. Fix an extendable faucets

Slanted closeup view of shiny industrial design spray style kitchen faucet.
The extendable faucet will make your day-to-day tasks simpler than ever.© 123rf

Admit it — you’ve probably gotten the front of your shirt and pants wet when doing the dishes at the sink. One way to avoid this calamity is by installing a mobile, extendable faucet to reduce splashing in the sink. There are many options to pick from. The idea behind this extendable faucet is that you can pull it downwards to the sink instead of close to you, to avoid water splashing back at you when you do the dishes.

Note: You might need some simple plumbing knowledge to install the faucet.

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5. Go for under-cabinet lights

inerior view of a modern kitchen
Under-cabinet lightings are a great kitchen accent © 123rf

Instead of changing the look of your kitchen, change its mood instead with under-cabinet lights. These function as ambient lighting, and having them around helps elevate the look of your kitchen while providing additional lighting to illuminate the space. These work especially well if your kitchen doesn’t have access to natural light

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While spending your hard-earned money on food is never a bad thing, there’s no harm in learning how to cook to save on eating out. An invigorated kitchen might even inspire you to start cooking more often. 

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