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Setia EcoHill 2 - Where Life is Greener


Setia EcoHill 2 - Where Life is Greener

(L-R): Sr. Koh Sooi Meng (SM Koh), Deputy GM of Setia EcoHill and CY Lim, Director of City Valuers and Consultants Sdn Bhd

With the Klang Valley bursting its borders, developers today are looking at the southern gateway of the Klang Valley where Kajang and Semenyih lie. As the price of properties escalates in the central areas of the Klang Valley, consumers are also seeking more affordable options away from the big city and with convenient access to modern amenities.

S P Setia has just the right blend of all these sought-after attributes and beyond, at its Setia EcoHill 2 project in Semenyih, Selangor.


Setia EcoHill 2 is a sequel to S P Setia’s roaring success Setia EcoHill. Harmonising with its natural terrain, Setia EcoHill 2 presents nature-inspired living spanning more than 1,000 acres in the rustic township of Semenyih complemented by more than 80 acres reserved for green parks, alongside elegant landed properties. Promising the best of Highlands, Woodlands, and Wetlands, Setia Ecohill 2 is inspired by the three key elements of nature, which are air, earth and water.

The thoughtfully landscaped environment of Setia EcoHill 2 offers residents a unique experience of country living amidst urban conveniences. With a gross development value of RM5 billion, Setia EcoHill 2 is set to razzle and dazzle buyers with its unique highlights. Uniquely, the landscaping of this development was put together using trees that were salvaged from the original site, and carefully replanted.

“We also planted trees that would provide food and habitat for birds, squirrels, and other indigenous wildlife,” shared Koh Sooi Meng, Deputy GM of Setia EcoHill 2. “The parks were thoughtfully designed to ensure that it caters to people of all ages and encourage healthy living,” he added. Aside from its mesmerizing parks, Setia EcoHill 2 also boasts thematic gardens and parks complemented by its uniquely interactive experience. They promise enticing landscapes aimed at drawing residents to the outdoors for an active and vibrant lifestyle.

The colourful cheese holes stage a playing platform for children and adults alike to recreate the excitement of the conventional hide and seek game.


Setia EcoHill has been designed to ensure that the township is highly sustainable in the long-term. It supports local businesses with the provision of commercial centres and a local farmer’s market to encourage self-sufficiency. In order to reduce the township’s carbon footprint, a 20-kilometer pedestrian and bicycle paths were incorporated complemented by various facilities within walking distance and energy-saving houses.

Protecting the environment is a priority at Setia EcoHill with over 10% of the development reserved for green zones, including the 11-acre Hill Park. Education is a prominent feature in Setia EcoHill which presents inspiring learning and educational choices including an international school campus. The township also encourages recycling with its comprehensive 3Rs programme that includes composting. A healthy lifestyle and sustainability are central to the design of this township with its holistic environment and ideal setting that is in harmony with nature.

Security and safety is another key aspect in this township with each residential village featuring gates and guards and homes equipped with alarm systems complemented by 24-hour guard patrol.


To add to this splendid environment, the 360º Club house, which is inspired by the traditional cubic bamboo lantern, presents an iconic presence on the highest point of Setia EcoHill, creating an eye-catching architectural landmark that casts a stream of light to welcome residents and visitors into the township.

The clubhouse was designed to be a social catalyst for the community, with its robust offerings of recreation and leisure facilities. The outdoor Olympic-sized swimming facility is a sight to behold. This is flanked by wet and dry parks for children, well-equipped gymnasium with three multi-use studios and a breath-taking lawn which is ideal for functions.

A multi-sports centre houses an international-sized futsal arena and four badminton courts which double up as a full-sized basketball court. This is complemented by changing rooms, male and female saunas, a steam room and a Jacuzzi. The clubhouse also features an alluring rooftop dining area offering patrons a 360-degree view of Setia EcoHill and beyond.


Before the birth of Setia EcoHill, Jalan Semenyih was the only entrance and exit to Semenyih. This proved to be a significant inefficiency in the area. In keeping with its sustainability agenda, S P Setia embarked on the idea of the LEKAS-EcoHill Link, which would directly link the LEKAS Highway to the township, thus alleviating the congestion along Jalan Semenyih. Construction of this RM80 million link commenced in 2014 and took a total of 18 months to complete.

The EcoHill Link was constructed to ensure minimum maintenance through the unique concept of the Eco Cave – a cave-like environment in the underpass using natural finishes which will improve in appearance over time. The extension LEKAS – EcoHill Link commenced on April 2016 and it cost 50 million “This 3-kilometre dual carriageway link road was designed with an elevated roundabout and an underpass. Setia EcoHill 2 offers excellent accessibility to neighbouring townships and the Kuala Lumpur city centre through various highways such as LEKAS, SILK, SKVE, BESRAYA and PLUS highways.

The Lekas – Ecohill link significantly alleviate the heavy traffic condition along Jalan Semenyih.

The development is also within a convenient distance to various amenities, commercial business centres, and shopping hotspots. Reputable institutions of higher learning in the vicinity include Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Nottingham University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, INTI University, Kolej Tunku Jaafar, the New Era College, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

The Tenby International School occupies 14 acres within the township of Setia EcoHill, offering both primary and secondary education. The school is completed and the first intake is in September 2016. The school provides a wide array of facilities which include air-conditioned classrooms, art rooms, an auditorium, a basketball court, a cafeteria, design and technology laboratories, early years playground, a football field, ICT suites, a library, a multipurpose hall and a music room.

Other facilities include science labs, a sports complex, a swimming pool, a tennis court, 24-hour security surveillance and a full-time registered nurse at the medical room.


Setia EcoHill 2 presents elegant landed residential properties measuring 20ft x 65ft, 20ft x 70ft, 22ft x 70ft and cluster homes measuring 32ft x 60ft priced from RM550,000 onwards. Tucked away amidst the lush greenery of Semenyih, Setia EcoHill 2 aspires to create a simple yet picturesque environment that is suitable for both people and wildlife. We strive to cultivate an environmentally friendly and eco-centric community that offers the perfect blend of accessibility, modern architecture, as well as a sustainable and safe living environment.

The community in EcoHill 2 will enjoy 17 acres of wetlands complete with lush greenery surrounding the South Creek, and a wetland park that reflects biodiversity featuring more than 300 species of exotic flora and fauna. South Creek offers a range of other recreational facilities which include cycling paths, jogging tracks, fitness stations, educational playgrounds for children, a Mangrove Walk, bird-watching stations, a tropical fish pond and a wildlife sanctuary.

“Our specially designed waterways and greenery are the perfect attraction for migrating birds, insects, reptiles and fishes,” adds Koh. Setia EcoHill 2 was designed to preserve the natural undulating altitudes and create new recreational opportunities along the mountain slopes leading towards Bukit Tempurung. An exciting Adventure Hill Park, measuring 18 acres, provides exhilarating jungle hiking trails and challenging paths for mountain biking. The park also features pit-stops, resting huts, climbing and hiking facilities, camping grounds, mud pits and tree houses.

South Creek and Adventure Hill Park are two out of eight iconic thematic gardens and parks, uniquely designed to inspire a holistic lifestyle within an ecocentric community in Setia EcoHill 2. With more than 10,000 trees to be planted in Setia EcoHill 2, S P Setia is out to create the ultimate nature-inspired township that boasts timeless elegance and excellent functionality.

Birdnest Pavilion – Crafted with a geometric articulation, the observation tower offers a panoramic 360° view of the wetland sanctuaries, luscious greeneries , and the rolling hills.


In view of the rising attraction for suburban townships such as Setia EcoHill 2, CY Lim, Director of City Valuers and Construction Sdn Bhd opines that “Currently, the central areas of the Klang Valley have no more land banks left, and land is also expensive. If you analyse the Klang Valley carefully, you will notice that there is nothing left in the north – after Rawang. Most development is happening in the South, and places like Cyberjaya and Putrajaya are already saturated.”

“For a township development, at least 1,000 acres or more is needed. This is where the Eastern part of the Southern corridor of the Klang Valley comes into the picture, namely Kajang and Semenyih. However, Kajang consists of smaller pockets of landbanks which are good for small developments and Bangi is mostly for institutions. Therefore, Semenyih has excellent potential,” he adds. “On top of that, the connectivity offered by the NorthSouth highway fuels development in this area. As S P Setia is willing to invest in infrastructure, they have a good chance of tapping the market,” says CY.

CY explains that in the last several years, places like Beranang and Semenyih in the south have experienced the highest growth in population in the likes of 10 percent to 25 percent per annum. This is due to migration as a result of better connectivity such as the LEKAS Highway. Many youngsters are moving to these parts due to affordability. Locations such as Cheras and Sungai Long are increasingly becoming congested, hence the exodus to newer areas.

CY elaborates that, the property outlook seems challenging especially in terms of high-end residences considering the lukewarm demand from foreign investors due to numerous factors. Setia EcoHill project we have apartments at RM242,000 whilst Setia EcoHill 2 features freehold double-storey terrace houses with price tags starting from RM 550,000 onwards.

With a good product selection and reasonable pricing, we strongly believe S P Setia will continue to perform well amidst the weak market conditions,” adds CY. “This is on the back of increasing demand for affordable landed properties which we see as great potential. Another concern is the stringent lending policies of banks, especially with the tightening of their capital overflow resulting in a higher percentage of bank loans being rejected.

CY reiterates, “The edge that S P Setia has over the market is that they are actually building a community rather than building houses. You can’t just build houses – you also need amenities to be in place. Places like Petaling Jaya have done very well because they have all the amenities within reach.

“At the moment, the market is soft due to the difficulty in obtaining housing loans. However, this situation is expected to improve after 2017. The downtime is not going to be very long. Currently, it’s a buyer’s market and I believe the outlook will be more positive in the next 2 to 3 years,” he explains.

Datuk Sr Siders Sittampalam, President of the Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants and PPC International Managing Director, also commented, “The residential components in the self-contained township consist of mainly landed homes. This is an obvious benefit as the value of landed homes appreciate at a much faster rate as compared to high-rise developments. In addition, Setia EcoHill 2 offers home buyers a lower entry level – the homes there are cheaper than most similar residential developments in other townships in Klang Valley.”


The Setia 10:90 package is where you pay only 10% now and the remaining 90% when the property is completed. This gives you great financial flexibility and freedom up to 2 years to plan your financing options. This means that you don’t have to miss out on a smart investment that brings you benefits in the future, without much financial commitment now.


Established in 1974 as a construction company, S P Setia re-aligned its business in 1996 with a clear vision, bold plan, and strong team, to focus on property development as its core business supported by construction, infrastructure and wood-based manufacturing businesses. The Group’s first township development is the 700-acre Pusat Bandar Puchong – a well-planned township that was aimed at providing affordable and good quality residential and commercial properties complemented by outstanding landscaping and community-centric facilities.

Today, as a future-oriented brand, S P Setia is the first to launch an eco-themed township, Setia Eco Park in Shah Alam. Since then, the Group has successfully delivered a plethora of eco-themed townships which include Setia Eco Park, Setia EcoHill, Setia Eco Glades in the Klang Valley and Setia Eco Gardens and Setia Eco Cascadia in Johor to name a few. Adding to this list are two more upcoming branded townships in the Klang Valley namely, Setia Eco Templer and Setia Ecohill 2. In total, S P Setia currently has 11 on-going township developments, which include Setia Alam, Setia Eco Park, Setia Eco Glades, Setia EcoHill, Setia EcoHill 2, Setia Eco Templer, Bukit Indah Johor, Setia Indah, Setia Tropika, Setia Eco Gardens and Setia Eco Cascadia.


 ​ PROJECT NAME: Setia Ecohill 2 Sdn Bhd LAND  TITLE: Individual    TENURE: Freehold  PROPERTY TYPE: Double Storey Terrace House & Linked Semi-Detached House  BUILT UP RANGE: 1,800 sq ft - 2,100 sq ft LISTING PRICE RANGE: RM550,000 - RM700,000 BUMI DISC: 7% Discount  COMPLETION: 2018 (expected)  CALL NOW: +603-8724 2255

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