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How to fold fitted sheets


Fighting with your fitted sheets is a standard laundry day struggle. Turning those elastic-edged nightmares into flat, neatly folded squares can be, without overstating it, hell.

While you’d be forgiven for crumpling your fitted sheet into a ball and shoving it into the dark recesses of your linen cupboard, there are some simple ways to fold it to perfection.

Beautiful sheets give joy in the bedroom, so it’s worth the effort to fold and store them correctly. Picture: Linen House

Here are the steps to fold perfect fitted sheets

According to Claire Duncan from Linen House, a flat surface, while not vital, will help you manoeuvre your sheet to create a neat and sharp fold.

Using a table, bench or a bed, lay out your fitted sheet and follow these instructions.

Step 1: Fold your fitted sheet in half, lengthwise, with the elastic edges upwards, facing you.

Step 2: Spoon two matching corners together, placing one inside the other. Do the same for the other two corners.

Step 3: Fold the sheet width-wise and spoon all four corners together. (Ensure your elastic edges are folded in so your actual edges are sharp and straight!)

Step 4: You should be left with one smooth side and one ‘messy’ side of the folded sheet, with all the elastic edges.

Step 5: Fold the messy side inwards twice.

Step 6: Fold the top and bottom thirds of the sheet in toward the middle, and then fold again. You should be left with a neat little package.

Neatly folded fitted sheets are a dream for your closet organisation. Picture: Getty

Find a buddy

While the above method is ideal for solo folders, Lauren Roe from I Love Linen insists the quickest and easiest way is to ask someone for help.

“[Taking one end each] place your hands at the corners of each end of the sheet on the inside, so your hands are hidden. Then both start folding it like it was a flat sheet,” Lauren recommends.

It’s also easier to put on a fitted sheet when you have help. Picture: Linen House

Is it better to dry my sheets on the line or in the dryer?

Claire’s preference is to hang the sheet on the line, but she admits it won’t make a huge difference either way. The main thing is to try and avoid too many wrinkles.

“It really helps if you have just taken it off the line or immediately out of the dryer before folding. If there are lots of wrinkles you will find it gets puffier,” she explained.

“I prefer hanging my sheets up, however, if you need to use a dryer – and many of us do – take all items out of the dryer at once, shake them and lay them out so wrinkles are at a minimum.”

You will have less wrinkles if you hang your sheets on the line. Picture: Linen House

The perfect storage tip

For the most compact fold, place the folded fitted sheet inside the folded flat sheet along with the pillowcases folded into squares, and press together.

For a visually appealing touch, Claire recommends placing the sheets in your closet with the folded edge facing outward.

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