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9 outdated bathroom trends to stay away from


These bathroom trends may have been a hit in the past, but it’s time to move on to something more timeless and stylish.  

Bathroom trends to stay away from
© Monika Mlynek | 123rf

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom must be the muscle. Think about it, it helps you get ready in the morning, gets you cleaned up, does your dirty work for you and before you go to bed at night, you’ll probably visit it once more before you sleep. In fact, some might even argue that the bathroom is more important than the kitchen, hence it’s important to keep the bathroom in good shape and design at all times. That means bidding goodbye to outdated bathroom design trends.

Below are some of the most overdone bathroom trends that you should avoid. 

1. Double sinks

Bathroom trends to stay away from – double sink bathrooms
© Igor Zakharevich | 123rf

We know how great they look on TV, but in reality, not so. Having double sinks is just as impractical as having an extra shower head in the bathroom. Besides, you have more to clean if you opt for this. Unless you have a big bathroom, you’re going to have a headache when finding the space to put your essentials like makeup, skincare and a hairdryer. 

2. Bold motif

Sure it looks cool to have tiles with bold motifs and bright colours. Some may even say they add character to the space. But these designs are so 2019! This new year, go for something a little bit more minimalistic. Neutral colours like white, beige and grey are more appealing and easy on the eye. If you do want to go bold, try it on the bath towels. They’re easier to replace when you get bored with the design. 

3. Jetted bathtubs

Bathroom trends to stay away from – jetted bathtubs
© Dmitrii Shironosov | 123rf

Remember back in the 2000s where everyone’s dreaming of having a hot tub at home? Those were the days. But these days jetted tubs are not in demand anymore because of the maintenance cost that comes with it. Simply put, maintaining the tub is going to cost more than buying a new one. So maybe it’s time to put this trend to rest. 

4. Floating sinks

Floating sinks may be a good idea for a small bathroom, but this trend trades functionality for design. Besides, putting a floating sink in the bathroom also robs you of your cabinet space too. 

5. Toilet seat cover

We’re living in a tropical country, we don’t need a toilet seat cover to warm up the seat. Also, they’ll make your bathroom look very dated. Remove the seat cover and instead place a few potted plants in the bathroom to liven up the space. 

6. Frameless mirrors

Bathroom trends to stay away from – frameless mirrors
© ismagilov | 123rf

Here’s the thing about mirrors that come without any frames. Sure, they’re cheaper but at what cost? Frameless mirrors don’t add any character to the room and it makes the room look colder. On the other hand, a framed mirror instantly upgrades the space. So remember, always go for the ones with a frame. 

7. All white bathroom

Bathroom trends to stay away from – an all white bathroom
© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

The all-white bathroom may be a hit in the past couple of years, but people are tired of seeing the squeaky clean look. A bathroom should look cosy enough for you to enjoy a nice bath. If you opt for an all-white bathroom, it may end up looking more like a hospital than a place you can truly relax in. 

8. Subway tiles

Sorry folks, the subway tiles trend is officially out. If you’re renovating your bathroom, we suggest going for hexagon or scallop-shaped tiles. This type of design will bring a big, positive impact to your bathroom without committing to changing the entire space. 

9. High gloss

Prepare to replace those glossy fixtures and tiles because this is another trend that you should be saying goodbye to. What should you replace them with? Matte finishes. A matte fixture or a matte showerhead adds sophistication to the room. What’s more, they’re also much easier to care for. 

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, then you will want to check out our guide on modern bathroom ideas. At the same time, you can also check out our 14 tips to keeping your bathroom organised.

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