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20 chic nursery room ideas


Looking for great nursery style and baby room furniture ideas to create a space for the exciting new chapter in your life?

We have rounded up a stack of inspiring ideas, trends, tips and styles to inspire you to decorate a practical and stylish nursery.

1. A pastel palette

pastel baby room
Sweet dreams: Pastel colours bring softness to sleeping spaces. Picture: Adairs

Pastel colours bring softness to sleeping spaces that encourages children to melt comfortable into nap times. Washes of pinks and yellows punctuated with colour make for a poetic dream-like environment.

2. Invest in a chair

nursery armchair
A quality armchair will still have a purpose beyond the baby years. Picture: Nest Design Studio

For a nursery, without a doubt the number one must-have is a good quality nursery chair (even if you are on a budget,  it’s worth a splurge.

3. Designer bed

baby cot
Choose a bed designed to grow with your baby, into toddler and then child years. Picture: Sebra

The classic Juno bed was designed in the 1940s by Danish architect Viggo Einfeldt. The iconic design has been relaunched as Sebra and, like the original, is a cleverly functional piece of children’s furniture that can converts in size and shape, from a cot to a child’s bed. Designed to grow as your precious one does, from baby to toddler to child, it’s a fantastic piece of furniture for your baby room.

4. Personalised prints

personalised baby prints
Take it up a notch with a beautiful print that’s personalised for your baby. Picture: Prints by Ess

Framed personalised prints hung above a cot or nursery change table make a beautiful and meaningful addition to a baby room and are sure to be treasured forever.

5. Night lights

Designed to give a soft glow, nursery lamps are a playful décor piece and useful for a bit of soft light during late-night feeds.

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6. Soft green

green nursery
Sage green nurseries are in. Picture: Baby Owl Tree Print by Wall Art Prints

Inject a little colour-of-the-moment green with anything from feature walls to cot bedding like this sweet sheepskin rug.

7. Mid-century modern

Love mid-century modern? You are going to be spending a lot of time in your baby room, so create a space in a style you love too. Picture: West Elm x Pottery Barn Kids

You are going to be spending a lot of time in your baby room, so create a space in a style you love. The retro angled legs, warm timber and classic retro form of this cot create the mid-century modern look and bring a sense of timeless design to the nursery.

8. Pressed flowers

Boho style is still very popular in children’s rooms and nurseries, and works well for both boys and girls – it is a beautiful way to play on this style and add colour and nature to your baby room.

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9. Vintage style

vintage style baby room
Picture: Andrea Papini/House of Pictures, Little Big Rooms, Gestalten 2018

This stunning vintage iron crib is a unique piece of furniture that adds character to a nursery. The look is softened by the grey curtain, stylish and practical addition to the space that shields light from a sleeping baby.

10. Nordic forest

Decorate the room with lighthearted illustrations for a whimsical baby room. Picture: Norsu Interiors Collection

Go where the wild things are. Populate the room with lighthearted illustrations and the plush forms of Scandinavian forest animals.

11. Neutral linen

baby cot set
When it comes to nursery linen, neutral doesn’t have to mean subdued. Picture: Kolka

When it comes to nursery linen, neutral doesn’t have to mean subdued. Try a gender-neutral patterned-quilt in bright yellow elephant print and light grey.

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12. Wallpaper

Create a fairy-tale scene with this whimsical woods and stars removable wallpaper print. Picture: Cole & Son

Whether you want to add a subtle patterned wall, a large colourful illustration, or create a fairy-tale scene like this Cole & Son print, wallpaper is a great idea for your nursery.

13. Fun wall decals

cactus wall decals
Wall decals are an easy and instant way to inject fun to a nursery. Picture: Vinyl Design

You want your baby or child’s room to be playful and inspire creativity, right? Try a wall decal for an instant, and easy, dose of fun to a nursery.

14. Baskets of storage

basket ideas for nurseries
Woven baskets are here to stay. Picture: Adairs

A wicker basket looks great throughout the home, and is especially useful for storage in a baby room. We love the flourishes of these assorted baskets from Adairs.

15. Simple spots

mini dots wall decal
Soft grey and light pink is easy-on-the-eye yet still feminine. Picture: Vinyl Design

Keep your baby girl’s room unfussy in soft grey and light pink. The mini dots wall decal ties the colour scheme together while adding a touch of playfulness.

16. Rugs

rug ideas for baby room
Soft underfoot, a place to play, lay or crawl – rugs are a must for baby rooms. Picture: Bloomingville Mini Cotton Rug from Wiggles Piggles

Soft underfoot, a place to play, lay or crawl, rugs are arguably the easiest way to inject colour, pattern or style into a room.

17. Pot plants

plants in baby nursery room
A different kind of nursery: Plants can improve the air quality in a room – so why not put one in the baby nursery? Picture: Mocka

Plants are known to clean the air, and have a gorgeous ambience, so why not incorporate one in the baby nursery?

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18. Storage

baby room storage ideas
Make sure everything has a space with storage. Picture: Nest Design Studio

Make sure everything has a space. Really think about what happens in the room (do they play in there or just sleep?) and create storage around that.

19. Transitional furniture

The bone inlay bedside in this gorgeous pink and turquoise girl’s room will transition well into her older years. Picture: Nest Design Studio

You want the room to transition well as they grow up so don’t limit yourself to looking at just kids’ ranges. Love a bone inlay bedside? That is a piece that really is going to grow with your child and become a piece of furniture that they will treasure forever.

20. Shared spaces

A nursery and a guest room that makes use of an attic. Picture: Thomas Kuoh, Little Big Rooms, Gestalten 2018

No room? No worries. Think outside the box and make your home work for you by combining rooms where necessary. This California beach house is both a nursery and a guest room that makes use of an attic. The style is cute and child-like but still neutral enough to be a guest room.

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