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Nippon Paint’s Total Coating and Construction Solutions: A gamechanger for the building and construction industry


From bare concrete to the finishing, Nippon Paint’s latest move promises improved construction efficiency and high quality and beautiful finishing for contractors, construction professionals and developers. 

©Nippon Paint

We all know the brand Nippon Paint. Over the last 55 years, the brand has become the number one paint and coatings manufacturer—in Malaysia and Asia—for both businesses and homes. Even today, they continue pushing innovation boundaries by embarking on a transformation venturing into a Total Coating and Construction Solutions company that they believe will be a game changer for the industry.

Nippon Paint is no longer just about paint.

©Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint’s expertise has always been in coating, but with this transformation, Nippon Paint is looking to reframe the company from being just one that provides coating solutions into one that provides a one-stop coating and construction solution which covers plaster, render, skim coat, tile adhesive, waterproofing, flooring, sealant, adhesive, filler, protective coatings and architectural coatings.

Businesses within the construction industry no longer need to access multiple brands for different types of construction solutions —they can just come to Nippon Paint. By doing this, Nippon Paint also becomes the first company in the region to offer a total compatible system for every quality from bare to finish.

Why this transformation now?

The COVID-19 pandemic over the last 2.5 years followed by the Ukraine-Russia war had caused major disruptions in the supply chain and pricing, which affected the demand for paints and coatings products. The general labour shortage in the construction industry has also impacted the building material industry as a whole.

Because of the downstream effects of what’s been happening in the world, businesses in the construction industry are looking to increase efficiencies within their processes. Nippon Paint has decided to embark on this transformation after recognising this growing need, which helps in enhancing the value of Nippon Paint’s offerings to its customers. In the next five to 10 years, Nippon Paint hopes to be the leader in not just the coatings industry, but also the construction and chemical industries.

Total coating & construction solutions: The first of its kind to solve industry pain points.

©Nippon Paint

Given that Nippon Paint is the first company in the region to offer bare to finish solutions, the company has set itself a goal to help the industry address some of the more common pain points for professional builders. Things like falling tiles, peeling, water leakage, hollowness, corrosion, efflorescence, powdery surface, fungus, hairline cracks, etc. are a constant bane to builders and addressing them in the past often involves engaging multiple stakeholders making the identification of its root cause sometimes close to impossible.

By positioning itself as a one-stop solution, Nippon Paint hopes its unique synergy puts them in a strategic position to offer a more sustainable solution to construction and building companies.

How does Nippon Paint’s transformation into Total Coating & Construction Solutions bring more value to the construction industry?

©Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint believes that its transformation into a Total Coating & Construction Solutions company will launch them into a new phase of innovation (while staying relevant to the ever-changing needs of the industry), it is also designed to bring more value to its customers.

The Total Coating & Construction Solutions model promises to enhance the professionalism and workmanship of local building and construction companies. It will be achieved by offering time and cost savings as well as more effective utilisation of manpower as there is no need for construction companies to deal with multiple suppliers to complete the process of construction. Contractors are able to utilise the time saved to speed up their project delivery, giving them peace of mind as they do not have to worry about incurring any additional costs because of unnecessary delays.

For each stage of construction (from bricklaying to the finish coat), Nippon Paint will be able to provide a suite of products for construction businesses and developers to choose from that are not only of superior quality but are also designed to work better with one another.

Products that are developed to work better together.

Nippon Paint isn’t collecting different product offerings under their banner just to make things more convenient for their customers. It leverages the synergy created through the acquisition of Selleys, V-tech (Vital Technical Sdn Bhd) and CMI (CMI Construction Material Industry Sdn Bhd & CMI Marketing Sdn Bhd), to initiate a joint R&D effort to create products that complimented each other. Construction professionals and homeowners who select end-to-end Nippon Paint solutions will be buying high-quality products as well as products that work better together to create a beautiful end result for construction professionals and homeowners.

To find out more about what Total Coating & Construction Solutions is all about and how it can be a great solution for your projects, check out Nippon Paint’s website.

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