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5 must-have smart home devices to begin building your ‘’Iron Man’’ home


Be like Tony Stark and control all your smart home gadgets and fixtures with only your smartphone.

© Daniil Peshkov | 123rf

Have you watched Iron Man and just wished you could control your home remotely like how Tony Stark does with Jarvis? Now you can, and all you need is your smartphone.

The best part is that you don’t even need to be at home. As long as your smart home devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can even turn on your air conditioner as you’re making your way back home with an app. You can even go full Iron Man mode if you own a Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, or Home app with Apple HomeKit compatible items.

Future-proof yourself and embrace the future of smart home automation with these five smart home devices that look like they came straight out of Tony Stark’s mansion:

1. Door lock

Alexander Kirch | 123rf

Rummaging through your pockets or handbag for house keys will be a thing of the past if you install a smart door lock, powered by the Internet of things (IoT). Many smart door locks either use a fingerprint sensor, a numerical code, or can be unlocked with your smartphone. Some even include a security camera with the option of viewing live footage through an app while others have an option to notify you which family member has arrived home, with access history to see who entered and at what time. Now you can impress your guests even before they step into your house!

2. Light fixtures

© Stanisic Vladimir | 123rf

Lazy to get up just to switch your lights on or off? Smart lighting fixtures give you instant control of your lights using an app with a simple Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to your phone. Some brands may require integration with a hub plugged into your router.

No more pointing fingers at whose turn it is to switch off the lights before bedtime anymore!

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3. Air conditioner (AC)

© Daikin

Even your air conditioning can be controlled with an app! With four main features, the Go Daikin app allows you to not only save energy while maintaining the cooling comfort of your home but also eliminate your worry of forgetting to turn off your AC!

Go Convenience

© Daikin

No more excuses of being forgetful. Go Convenience lets you control your AC unit at anywhere and anytime, providing you with maximum convenience as you can now remotely control your Daikin AC with a simple connection to your home Wi-Fi.

Go Save

© Daikin

To greater saving days ahead! Go Save provides you with energy statistical usage graphs that allows you to monitor and keep track of your daily, weekly, and even monthly AC energy usage which can be a good guide to prevent overconsumption of your electricity bills. This is also a good way to find out who overuses the AC too.

Go Comfort

© Daikin

Aside from the basic AC operational modes of switching your AC on, off, and temperature control, the Go Comfort feature provides you with advanced controls that allows you to enjoy the different cooling modes for better cooling comfort of your home.

*May vary on model availability

Go Share

© Daikin

Sharing is caring. With Go Share, user control sharing with your loved ones can be easily and seamlessly achieved through a simple QR code scanning. Plus, you can unbind the controls or restrict certain functions of the app from any user. This works great especially if your children tend to overuse the AC and rack up the electricity bill.

Selected Daikin AC models now also come with this built-in Wi-Fi function. First time users will enjoy a two-year free upgrade to pro features per AC before the features become chargeable at only RM1 per month. To learn more about the Go Daikin app, click here.

4. Smart plug

© Ian Allenden | 123rf

Take (remote) control of your non-smart devices and gadgets using smart plugs. With smart plugs, you can switch plugs on and off remotely and on schedule, which are best for tight corners that are difficult to reach. Some smart plugs require the use of hubs connected to your router, but a plus point is that you can group these devices into one area. For example, you could switch on and off everything in your living room at once, or set the mood lighting for when you want to watch a movie.

5. Robot vacuum cleaners

© krolfoto | 123rf

Robot vacuum cleaners are much cheaper than when they first released, and some models can be controlled using an app or integrated into your smart home system. With app access, you can monitor the robot vacuum cleaner’s cleaning history and statistics, or set it to start vacuuming the house before surprise guests arrive. Through the app, you can also draw the robot’s cleaning route and set boundaries for the machine.

With these smart home devices, you too can control your home remotely just like the Marvel superhero. Just don’t forget to charge your smartphone before you leave the house.

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