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Monier: Putting roofs over our heads for 100 years


Monier 1
©travenian | GettyImages

What are roof tiles?

Roof tiles have been a part of human history for a very long time now, having been traced back to ancient Greece in the 3rd millennium when thatched roofs started being replaced with tiles.

Traditionally made from either clay or slate, roof tiles are attached to the framework of a roof to keep out rain. In modern times, other materials such as concrete and plastic are used to make roof tiles.

So, with the advent of roof tiles came along professionals who perfected the art of making these small but important fixtures in a home.

Foundation of Monier

©Monier | Rudolp H.Brass, the founder of Monier

One company that has been in the business of putting roofs over people’s heads is Monier which was founded back in 1919 under the name ‘Redhill Tile Company’ in the UK. In November 1919, they started production on the first concrete roof tiles. Then in 1946, the company changed its name to Redland Tiles and after an expansion between 1949 and 1951, Redland invest in Australia, South Africa, and Malaysia, buying the majority of another tiling company called Braas, in Germany. The company was then renamed Braas Monier Building Group.

Fast forward to 2017, after years of development, Brass Monier Building Group was acquired by Standard Industries; now known as BMI Group, it forms the European, South African and Asian branches of the Standard Industries Group. With a holding company in London, the group has an operation in 40 countries and 150 plants worldwide, and approximately 11, 000 employees strong. In 2016, the group grew its revenue to EUR 2,000 million.

In Asia Pacific, Monier operates with 20 factories in China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia which is its regional hub. Monier has had a presence in Malaysia for over 50 years now and is an MS ISO9001:2008 certified company with the largest sales, distribution, and production network in the country. Monier Malaysia offers a wide range of quality products from roof tiles and fittings to energy efficient roofing solutions, roof system component, and even laying services, making it the ideal partner for all your roofing needs.

Monier doesn’t just make roofs. They also continually invest in cutting-edge research and development to meet increasingly complex demands of the market to ensure that their products are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and is suitable to the Malaysian climate, in line with both Malaysian and international standards.

Why Monier tiles?

Concrete tiles – made of sand, cement, water, and iron oxide pigments with some polymers for the coating – are cured for 6 to 12 hours to develop strength so that they can be taken off the aluminum or steel pallets they are extruded on with no real shrinkage. This means that concrete tiles will have a longer life and can be recycled to make tiles out of tiles. Essentially, the energy-efficient production and long life cycles mean that concrete tiles have a comparatively low environmental foot print compared to other types of tiles.

On the other hand, clay tiles go through a two-step process which involves the process of extrusion and then pressing these clays into 3D shapes. The pressed clays will then have to go through a 24-hour drying process to removes excess water before they are fired in 1000 °C heat for 15 hours and transformed into hard ceramics. During this final step, engobe and glaze coatings are bonded to the tiles.

Monier tiles are perfect for the tropical climate of Malaysia and with Monier’s experience, there is no doubt that their tiles are superior. Here are some benefits of Monier roof tiles:

1. Colour consistency & durability

Monier tiles 1
©Monier | Monier tiles come in a variety of colours

Monier concrete roof tiles are given a double coating of mineral technology to ensure a consistent and polished finish. The coating, which is important from Germany, makes the tiles highly resistant to the effects of UV rays and heat, boosting durability.

2. High Tile Strength

Monier tiles 2
©Monier | Horizon 8, one of the projects in Ipoh

Monier merges their technical excellence of design engineering and production technology to make their tiles extremely strong with a high compressed exposed edge that makes for better ageing. Concrete tiles only get stronger with age and does not corrode or warp upon exposure to the elements.

3. Facilities

©MonierWind Tunnel in Heusenstamm

Monier’s technical expertise in developing innovative roofing solutions for the future is unrivalled by other companies in the region. The company uses a specialised wind tunnel to test the performance and functionality of their tiles, ensuring that they meet the highest technical specifications, performs well under local weather conditions, and complies with both local and international standards and regulations.

4. Limited Maintenance Required


©Monier | Legacy Mineral Ferra Red, Monier

Properly installed concrete tiles require minimal maintenance after being fitted and should the roof ever sustain any damage, only the affected tiles would need replacing. Monier also offers a warranty of two to five years for tile performance.

5. AestheticsMonier 3 Setia-Tropika-Johor-Bharu1

©Monier | Stylish looking Monier Roof tiles in Johor Bahru
Concrete roof tiles are made to not only be excellent in functionality but also provides great aesthetic value. As appearance becomes more and more important, concrete tiles rise up to the challenge by being easily coloured and coated in many different finished to give you the perfect roof to fit your personal style.

6. Complete Roof System

Monier 4

©Monier | Offers an extensive range of components and fittings that make a complete roofing system

Monier offers a complete range of roofing products, from tiles to fittings and components, for a complete roof system. These fittings add functionality, quality, security and aesthetics to your roof. On top of that, they perfectly match the available roof tiles in colour and specification.

Monier availability

Monier’s complete roof system is available at all major cities and towns nationwide. For more information, please call the toll-free line at 1-800-88-0865, email [email protected], or visit Check out the map below to find the sales office or delivery office near you.

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