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8 modern kitchen design ideas and inspirations


Whether you’re actively looking for new kitchen design ideas or just love admiring beautiful kitchen images from afar, we’ve got a fantastic collection of kitchen photos to feast your eyes on.

As the heart of the home, you want to design a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional. It’s a balance that the below new kitchens illustrate in spades. We caught up with Eva-Marie Prineas of Architect Prineas to discuss how these brilliant kitchen design ideas work and why.

1. Black pendant lights

Black pendant lights in the kitchen to create a pop of colour.
This luxe-looking kitchen design keeps the colours simple with chic black pendant lights. Picture: Chris Warnes

Pendant lights are a fantastic example of how you can revamp a kitchen and dining room without spending a fortune. And of course, they create another dramatic point of interest.

For this project, Architect Prineas was asked to reconfigure an existing Californian bungalow, creating a generous kitchen and living area with a strong connection to the garden, all within the constraints of a tight budget. The black pendant light fixture offers a pop of colour in the all-white kitchen.

2. Black and white kitchen designs

black and white kitchen decor
A simple colour palette and cleverly placed windows pack a punch in this minimalist kitchen. Picture: Chris Warnes

This kitchen shows how a simple colour palette, cleverly placed windows and flat-pack joinery can make a big impact. The oversized windows create a complex and lofty ceiling plane that establishes distinctive zones within the open-plan space with open shelving.

The windows draw views of the treetops into the kitchen, creating a strong connection between the kitchen and its leafy surrounds.

The kitchen joinery was designed around a flat-pack storage system. Materials were kept simple with black aluminium windows and crisp white joinery.

3. Wood-panelled cabinets

Wood paneled kitchen cabinets for a rustic look.
There’s no doubt that this hot new wood kitchen is the heart of this home. Picture: Chris Warnes

The brief for this new kitchen design was to create a family home filled with light, warmth and comfort, where the kitchen functions as the heart of the home. The kitchen was designed as a timber volume that connects the main communal spaces in the home.

The use of timber creates a sense of warmth, reflecting the dynamic quality of natural light that moves through the house throughout the day. The beautiful timber unit also serves to establish a sense of separation between the public and private zones within the house.

And when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, the warm, yet modern and streamlined cabinetry really elevates this space to another level.

Your kitchen cabinet design can make or break the overall look of your kitchen. Click here to view our collection of contemporary kitchen cabinet designs to try.

4. Double sinks on a kitchen island

Double sinks on a kitchen island for convenience.
A kitchen island is a great place to house functional elements such as a double sink. Picture: Chris Warnes

Another important element to consider is the functionality of your kitchen space. Two sinks will mean the space not only looks good but also makes a functional kitchen.

5. Black kitchen cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets for the sophistication of a luxury hotel.
Brass against dark or black panels exudes the theatrics and sophistication of a luxury hotel. Picture: Chris Warnes

This stunning small kitchen design was part of a project focused on making the most of a glamorous city pad within an extraordinary harbour setting.

If you’re looking for striking kitchen cabinet ideas, this one’s also for you to up your kitchen decor game (because white cabinetry is so passe).

The minutiae of daily life are concealed behind dark panels to produce an interior that exudes the theatricality and sophistication of a luxury hotel.

6. Brass sinks and tapware

Brass sinks and tapware
In designer kitchens, brass sinks and tapware are luxe-looking and sophisticated. Picture: Chris Warnes

Brass tapware is all the rage, but a brass sink? Um, yes, please. You can take it one step further and add a brass sink waste, too.

7. Industrial kitchen design

Industrial kitchen design in a warehouse apartment inspired home.
This beautiful new kitchen design is a great study in how to make the most of a warehouse-style apartment. Picture: Brett Boardman

Lucky to live in a heritage warehouse apartment like the one pictured above, but only have a small space to work with for?

Industrial-style, modern kitchens – where the kitchen can be positioned across one entire wall – work well in any spaces that are pokey and tricky to work with. The end result? A beautiful kitchen that makes the most of a warehouse-style vibe.

8. Centralised kitchen ‘pods’

Centralised kitchen pods
This centralised ‘pod’ helps divide the public and private zones within the converted warehouse apartment. Picture: Brett Boardman

What’s a kitchen ‘pod’ you say? See the picture above. The service spaces, including the kitchen, are pulled off the apartment’s perimeter to become a monolithic pod that sits comfortably within the scale of an existing space. In this case it’s a warehouse apartment.

The centralised ‘pod’ also helps divide the public and private zones within the apartment.

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