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18 modern bathroom ideas


Modern bathrooms add a touch of luxury to your home, impress your guests, and increase the value of your property.

So if you’re renovating or building a modern bathroom, then you might be looking to create a contemporary, yet tranquil, oasis. But where do you start? And what are the features of a modern bathroom in 2019?

Modern bathroom designs should feel spacious and include all the latest features and finishes making it the ultimate spot to relax and a practical place to get ready each day.

Decluttering, utilising neutral tones, or floor-to-ceiling tiling are just a few of the myriad ways to create a modern bathroom. Ready to start planning your brand new bathroom? We’ve rounded up 18 of the best modern bathroom ideas perfect for renovations and new builds alike.

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, so they need to be hard-wearing. But who said hard-wearing couldn’t be modern and luxurious?

We called in the expertise of some of the best in the business — Jessica Bellef from Temple & Webster, Daniel Mazzei from Mazzei Homes, Melissa Lunardon from Melissa Lunardon Interior Design, Jessica Enander Dunne from Nordicspace Design, Jordan Prainito from Canningvale, and Wesley Sinclair from Highgrove Bathrooms — to bring you the ultimate ideas for your modern bathroom.

1. Float the vanity

Floating vanities are a popular choice for modern bathrooms, especially when paired with round mirrors. Picture: Mazzei Homes

“A floating vanity is a must-have for any modern bathroom. Apart from being extremely visually appealing, it will remove any clutter and create a streamlined effect. Freeing up additional space under your vanity will also help to increase your bathrooms feeling of space.” — Daniel Mazzei, Mazzei Homes.

2. Windows are key

Floor-to-ceiling windows create the illusion of a larger space and provide much needed natural lighting. Picture: Mazzei Homes

Let there be light.

“If you have the option to include a window in your bathroom design, this is definitely something to consider. Windows will ensure your bathroom receives beautiful natural light and will create an ambience that makes smaller rooms appear larger.” — Daniel Mazzei, Mazzei Homes.

3. High-end materials

Investing in high-quality materials will add value to your home and add a touch of luxury. Picture: Mazzei Homes

“If your budget allows it, investing in one or two expensive elements can increase the sense of luxury of the overall design. Higher quality flooring materials such as real stone and tapware are examples of elements that will substantially increase the value of your bathroom, and will provide you with immense enjoyment to use.” — Daniel Mazzei, Mazzei Homes.

4. Glass shower screens

Full-length glass shower screens make the room appear larger and open up the space. Picture: Mazzei Homes

“Full-length glass shower screens will help to create the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it is and inject a sense of flow and openness to your design. Including a swinging door to enter your shower will bring an element of luxe to your design, however, if you have limited space, leaving the entry open or including a sliding screen will help to maximise this.” — Daniel Mazzei, Mazzei Homes.

5. Tile to the ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling tiling adds a modern touch, especially when paired with a neutral, light colour scheme. Picture: Nordicspace Design

Bathrooms are a place for cleansing and relaxing, and most modern bathrooms aspire to be spacious, light and airy — this can be achieved by keeping the colour scheme light and simple, and tiling all the way to the ceiling.

“These days many people opt to tile the walls all the way up to the ceiling even where it doesn’t have to be, unlike traditional bathrooms where there are usually painted walls outside the shower areas.” — Jessica Enander Dunne, Nordicspace Design.

6. Clean lines and clutter free

Clean lines and concealing clutter creates a modern, minimalist look. Picture: Nordicspace Design

Modern bathroom design is often about creating clean lines and reducing clutter (or at least, keeping it out of sight).

Jessica suggests: with new product options such as concealed toilet cisterns and minimal tapware, plus recessed shower niches to replace stuck-on shelves, it’s easy to keep the space tidy and achieve a contemporary look.

7. Match the walls to the floor

Using the same tiles for the wall tiles as the floor creates a contemporary look. Picture: Kate Hansen Photography

Modern bathrooms often feature the same tiles for the walls as the floor.

“This creates a uniform, contemporary feel. You can then add a feature tile to the entire back wall to create maximum impact – whether it is the large shower wall or behind the bath.” — Melissa Lunardon, Melissa Lunardon Interior Design.

8. Multi-function showers

A contemporary bathroom is not complete without a multi-functional shower. Picture: Kate Hansen Photography/Melissa Lunardon Interior Design

“A calming shower experience is important for a modern bathroom. There are some amazing multi-functional showers that feature a large rainhead as well as a handheld. This is great for cleaning the shower and for little ones.” — Melissa Lunardon, Melissa Lunardon Interior Design.

9. Brushed brass finishes

Brushed brass finishes add a touch of elegance that will stand the test of time. Picture: Highgrove Bathrooms

“Suited to most colour schemes, but especially darker palettes, the warm, burnished tones and earthy industrial sheen of brushed brass give a luxe appeal to your bathroom. Brushed brass instantly adds value and a no-expense-spared look and feel to your home. It is a classic, timeless finish.” — Wesley Sinclair, Highgrove Bathrooms.

10. Go for dark and bold

Dark, bold colours such as forest green make a modern statement. Picture: Highgrove Bathrooms

“For those looking to move with the times and make a bold statement, darker colours are an emerging trend not to be missed. In particular, bathroomware and accessories in a deep forest green and striking navy are on the rise and will soon dominate new bathroom interiors.” — Wesley Sinclair, Highgrove Bathrooms.

11. Change up the texture

Adding a concrete basin adds a raw, industrial finish to your vanity. Picture: Highgrove Bathrooms

Using a unique texture such as concrete adds a contemporary industrial feel to your bathroom.

“A concrete finish has a bespoke look and is fast becoming an interior design favourite. Consider bringing concrete textures into your bathroom by pairing a concrete basin with a timber vanity top or matte black tapware for a contemporary look.” — Wesley Sinclair, Highgrove Bathrooms.

12. Backlit LED mirrors

LED mirrors look stunning and provide additional task lighting. Picture: Highgrove Bathrooms

A modern take on dressing room vanity mirrors, backlit LED mirrors are a stylish addition to any contemporary bathroom.

“The streamlined look of an integrated LED mirror creates a sense of luxury while significantly brightening up your bathroom with dedicated task lighting and creating the illusion of more space.” — Wesley Sinclair, Highgrove Bathrooms.

13. Round and oblong mirrors

Oblong mirrors make the bathroom seem larger, especially when paired with a large window. Picture: Studio Black Interiors

“Unlike traditional square or rectangular mirrors with harsh and sharp edges, the curved profile of a round mirror can soften the overall look of your bathroom. With an elongated oblong mirror above the vanity, you’ll also be able to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, ultimately making your bathroom feel more spacious.” — Wesley Sinclair, Highgrove Bathrooms.

14. Add a touch of green

A touch of greenery enhances the calming vibe of your bathroom. Picture: Canningvale

Adding a houseplant creates a calming atmosphere, and provides a natural contrast to the modern, sleek design of the bathroom.

“Greenery continues to become a hallmark of many renovated bathrooms and are a great way to introduce a unique decorative aesthetic.” — Jordan Prainito from Canningvale.

15. Modern bathrooms are smart bathrooms

Smart home devices add the ultimate modern touch to your bathroom. Picture: Nicole Cleary

While smart home devices are popular in the bedroom and living room areas of the house, Jordan Printo from Canningvale says that automated technology will soon become a staple in modern bathrooms. If you’ve got the funds, smart bathrooms will make your modern bathroom that little bit more luxurious.

“For example, we’ve seen temperature controlled sensor smart taps, showers and mood lighting all connected to people’s smartphones,” says Jordan.

16. Play with colour (without the extra cost!)

Add a pop of colour by changing up the towels. Picture: Temple & Webster

Experimenting with colours on the walls and vanity looks great and adds a modern finish to your bathroom, but renovations can be costly.

“Colour is a strong visual cue that we respond to on a deep level… you can play with the colour palette of your bathroom without having to take on a dusty, stressful and costly renovation. For a quick and easy update, introduce different colours and texture into the space with new towels.” — Jessica Bellef from Temple & Webster.

17. Going grey

A grey feature wall or towel set creates a modern, edgy feel. Picture: Temple & Webster

“The grey scale works well for bathrooms with a masculine look or urban edge, and when shades of charcoal, concrete and matte black are used in the one space, the outcome is a layered room that feels cohesive and considered.” — Jessica Bellef from Temple & Webster.

18. Keep it cool, with cool whites

Cool white tones are the perfect colour scheme for the modern bathroom. Picture: Temple & Webster

“Vivid, cool whites with blue undertones work well for modern bathroom spaces with clean lines.

“This type of white, like ‘Lighthouse’ from the Temple & Webster paint range, makes a bathroom feel fresh and airy, especially when the space is blessed with a lot of natural daylight.” — Jessica Bellef from Temple & Webster.

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