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How to attract good luck and fortune in 2021 with feng shui


There’s good and bad in every year. Sometimes, circumstances can get the better of you no matter what you do. The trick is to find the good in the bad. This is where the element of luck and feng shui comes into play.

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Here are 3 simple activities to improve your luck in 2021 with the help of feng shui and ensure you’re able to turn the tide in your favour, no matter the situation. These activities will not only attract luck for you but will also benefit your entire household.

I will explore how luck can be boosted from the three Taoism realms: Heaven, Earth, and Human.

1. Taqing – Heaven

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If there was a day to welcome a change of luck, it would be the day of Lichun, or the Start of Spring. This highly auspicious day is imbued with positive energy to support your main endeavours in 2021; be it accumulating good fortune, staying healthy, or climbing the corporate ladder. Taqing, which literally means ‘tread green’, is the practice of relishing the arrival of Spring by going outdoors—typically on Lichun day.

To carry out the act of Taqing, take note the Lichun date this year: February 3, 2021, from 11 pm until 6 am the next day. First, ensure you’re dressed in new clothes or in tidy, proper attire. Pick a garden or a grassplot located either in your house or near where you live. Step barefoot on the grass while facing any direction and take nine slow, deep breaths. This technique is called ‘9 Dragon Qi’ and it helps to collect the positive energy of the day. Rope in friends and family along too. Give each other a pat on the back or a hug to conclude the ceremony.

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2. Auspicious Stove – Earth

The Auspicious Stove ceremony can be performed before Taqing on the same day (February 3, 2021, from 11pm until 6am the next day). Prior to that, prepare a new stove and charcoal. First, heat up charcoal in the centre of the house (you may need to study your house plan to find the exact centre of your home). Next, close all windows and doors, leaving only those in the West, Northeast, and South sectors opened. These are the three main Wealth directions this year. Don’t fret if you don’t have doors or windows in all these three areas. It is fine as long as the doors and windows in one or two of these sectors are opened. You want the smoke from the charcoal to escape through these few specific openings in order to activate the Wealth directions, ensuring your household is blessed with an abundance of fortune for the coming year.

3. Lucky Red Envelope -Human

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What makes Chinese New Year so exciting is the anticipation of a brand new year. It is also doubly exciting for children as it is customary for them to receive a red envelope from parents as a sign of blessing. Naturally, as a parent, your days of receiving a red envelope are long gone, so you rarely receive any blessings. Here’s what you can do this year. Prepare a red envelope for yourself filled with an auspicious amount (e.g. RM168, RM688 or RM888). With the red envelope in your hands, give yourself blessings and wishes for the coming year. Slip it under your pillow and keep it there until the 7th Day of Chinese New Year or the first day of returning to work, whichever comes first. It is up to you whether to save the money or spend it.

I hope that with these feng shui tips, you can make 2021 a much fruitful year for you.

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