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How to achieve a Bohemian-style space


The complete opposite of what minimalism is but still as aesthetically-pleasing.

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It’s unique, artistic, bold, carefree and just filled with so many wonders and culture it’s no wonder that Bohemian style decor is a favourite among many. Bohemian (also known as boho) is for the ones that want to bring bold characters into their homes. It’s a style that combines objects, patterns, textiles and colours which will then create an unusual yet carefree-looking home.

Let us clarify; you don’t have to be a true hippie to implement these decors into your space. It’s a style relatively easy to achieve as long as you follow our guide below.

1. Choose the colours of the wind  

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There is absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to incorporating Bohemian colours. However, earthy tones are always preferred. Deep browns, rich reds, forest greens, metallics and jewel tones are the more common ones when it comes to boho colours.

Layering colours will make it even more unique. Pairing saturated shades with bright, electric orange, purple or blue will give the space an even more beautiful contrast.

Looking a bit too plain for your liking? Bring in patterns and prints. This is your chance to express your individuality, so don’t be afraid to mix and match anything that you think would represent that.

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2. Time to add in the furniture 

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Generally and sadly, Bohemian style furniture is not that easy to locate. You won’t be able to get a nice vintage plush sofa by just walking into an IKEA store. Instead, explore vintage stores near you that might have a couple of furniture pieces that will go well with your decor. Trust us, it’s actually a fun task to go out and search for them. Each piece has its own character and story, which is what you’d need for a Bohemian space.

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For the ones that are not as adventurous can opt for natural textures such as woven chairs and tables. These will blend in really well with your loud space easily so there’s no need to worry about clashing and not matching the decorative items you’ve displayed.

Every boho pad won’t be complete without a daybed, a big lounge chair or a swinging chair. We highly suggest getting any of the above to really bring in the entire relax and chill vibes that boho style usually exudes.

3. Add bohemian characters into your space… 

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by putting up decorative items. This is where the fun comes in. When you hit the search bar for Bohemian inspirations, you’ll always find tassels, fringes, crochets, Turkish rugs and lots of plants in the pictures. Pillows in vintage textiles work really well too, which are fairly simple to get.

Bohemian style is the epitome of ‘more is more’ but if you feel that any or all of the above can be a tad overwhelming, try them with natural, basic materials instead. Burlap and sisal are great examples and you can match them with silk.

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