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5 exterior wall design ideas


Exterior wall design ideas

It’s no secret that the exterior house design of your home can have a significant impact on the value of your home, so if you’re renovating for profit it’s important to consider your exterior wall designs. Whether you’re unsure of what materials to use or need to decide on colour, here are five exterior wall design ideas and tips to help you refresh your home’s facade.

There are plenty of colour and material options when it comes to designing your exterior wall (Picture: Getty)

1. Materials for exterior wall designs

From weatherboard and shingles to brick and exterior wall tiles, the materials used for your exterior walls are collectively referred to as ‘cladding’. Your choice of cladding can have a significant effect on the environmental performance of your home – or to put it simply, your energy bills. The range of textures, styles, and finishes available for cladding means the look of your exterior wall is only limited to your imagination (and council regulations of course). When selecting cladding to consider the period of your home, and the homes in your neighbourhood, as well as the climate you live in.

2. Exterior wall design colours 

The colours used in the exterior wall design of your home can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your home, and play a role in the kerb appeal of your property. Aesthetics aside, the choice of colour for your cladding also influences your home’s ability to absorb or reflect heat. Australia’s climate is both harsh and diverse, and generally, it’s preferable to use lighter colours or reflective finishes to reduce heat absorption. However, darker cladding can be used with high-quality insulation, and can also be beneficial in colder climates or if your home receives very little sunlight.

3. Choosing the right exterior wall tiles

When you’re selecting exterior wall tiles for your home, and your Pinterest board is chockers with ‘house outside wall design pictures’, it can feel a bit overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the right exterior wall tiles the key is to consider the style and aesthetic of the rest of your home and keep it consistent. If you need to keep your costs to a minimum, avoid elaborate exterior wall tiles with patterns.

Stone tiles are generally one of the most expensive exterior wall facades (Picture: Getty)

Darker cladding can be beneficial in colder climates. (Picture:

When it comes to choosing the right exterior wall tiles, the key is to consider the style and aesthetic of the rest of your home. (Picture: Getty)

4. Budget savvy exterior wall tiles

Bringing your exterior wall designs to life on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style (even if you have expensive taste). Stone tiles are generally one of the most expensive exterior wall tiles, however, if you opt for tiles that are a maximum of 20mm thick, you can easily attach them to external brick, besser, or concrete walls. The best bit, this wall tiles design looks just like real stone boulders without the cost.

Affordable house front wall tiles don’t have to compromise on style. (Picture: Getty)

5. Save with corrugated steel cladding

Corrugated steel is becoming an increasingly popular cladding option for contemporary homes. Incredibly versatile, weather and fire-proof, and available in a range of colours, corrugated steel is quick and easy to install which helps keep costs down. Despite being a non-renewable resource, steel is also 100% recyclable, making it a smart choice for those building sustainable homes on a budget.

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