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6 easy budget DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do


Home cooking is back in a very big way thanks to MCO, CMCO and RMCO. These simple DIY projects will help you transform a tired kitchen into a home cook’s haven.

COVID-19 is changing the way we prepare and consume food. Instead of eating out or on the run, we’re cooking at home more – which means we’re spending extra time in the kitchen.

If the additional hours in front of the stove have highlighted that your kitchen is looking a bit sad, maybe it’s time to refresh the interior design of the kitchen. Try these easy budget DIY ideas to spruce up your kitchen and inspire you to give new recipes a whirl.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen walls

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Apply a fresh coat of paint
To breathe new life into your kitchen, why not paint your cabinetry. © The Space Within

If your kitchen feels outdated and you’re ready for a completely new look, try going for painted kitchen cabinets to refresh the small space. Fortunately, there are tons of fabulous DIY products that allow you to easily repaint cabinets, splashback tiles and even a kitchen island to give your kitchen a fresh start. Add a couple of bar stools by the benchtop and voila!

While you’re at it, take advantage of the trend for coloured and two-tone cabinetry, with one colour on the lower cabinets and a complementary colour on upper wall cabinets. This will definitely level up your kitchen design.

2. Fit new kitchen cabinet door handles

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Fix new kitchen cabinet door handles
Updating handles is a great way to make a big impact in a small kitchen. © Eclectic Creative

Swapping dated or uninspiring cabinet door handles for a modern design is an effective and affordable way to spruce up your kitchen instantly – especially if you’ve gone to the trouble of painting the cabinets.

Tie the colour, style or finish to your tap, or try matte black for a contemporary update that goes with many interior styles.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen cabinet, you may take a look at these ideas.

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3. Clean up the tile grout in your kitchen

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Clean up the tile grout
Cleaning up your grout will do wonders for making your kitchen look shiny and new. © Eclectic Creative

Clean grout makes a huge difference to the overall fresh look and feel of a functional kitchen. If you have a tile backsplash and can’t get the grout as clean as you’d like, replace it with an epoxy grout that’s easy to clean or simply use a grout pen to refresh the colour.

If you struggle to get the silicone joints between the bench and splashback really clean, try scraping it out and replacing it.

If you prefer to try cleaning it first, read our complete guide to cleaning tile grout.

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4. Replace your kitchen’s sink tap

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Replace your sink tap
Elegant and statement tapware is a great way to instantly modernise your kitchen. © Eclectic Creative

If you’re up for a slightly more advanced DIY project, consider replacing your sink tap. An old or basic hardware-grade tap can date a kitchen and, given the amount of use they get, having something that both looks and feels great make preparing meals and cleaning up a little less of a chore.

5. Use solid wood for open shelves in your kitchen

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Use solid wood for open shelves
© didecs | 123rf

If you’re struggling for storage space in your kitchen and dining room, open shelving is a great solution. It’s cheaper and easier to install than extra cabinets, and it helps to make your space look brighter and more open, especially if you have a white kitchen. Experiment with installing some open shelves to add decor, art, recipe books, plants and personal touches.

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6. Hang some artwork in your kitchen

6 easy DIY kitchen ideas anyone can do - Hang some artwork in your kitchen
© lightfieldstudios | 123rf

Is there a spot in your kitchen that could use some personality? Hanging art or prints can help to create a modern, up-to-date vibe. Leaning a piece of art on a bench or open shelf – as long as it’s away from flames or wet areas – or hanging a favourite piece on a bare wall can help add some colour and texture. If you’re not a fan of putting artwork in the kitchen, try playing around with the lighting instead. Pendant lights work impeccably in terms of functionality and design ideas.

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