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14 tips to keep your bathroom organised


Organising your bathroom is a chore you either love or hate. Regardless, if you want to live a stress-free life, bathroom organisation is essential. 

bathroom organisation tips
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As the bathroom is a high-traffic area, it can become disorganised very quickly. Rather than let it all get cluttered, take control of the space and get organised, once and for all.

Here are fourteen bathroom organisation tips to keep your bathroom clean, neat and tidy at all times.

1. Get a drawer divider

Instead of throwing everything into the drawer, get a drawer divider to separate them into different compartments. Not only is it more organised, but it’ll also speed up your morning makeup search. No more chaotic and cluttered drawers.

2. Hang shower caddy

For those who don’t have a built-in shelf, consider getting yourself a hanging caddy or hanging organiser with tiered shelves to store your body wash, shampoo and other shower essentials.

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3. Place an over-the-toilet shelf

over-the-toilet shelves
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One of the most overlooked areas in the bathroom is the area above the toilet. Yes, you can store items above your toilet too, you just need an over-the-toilet shelf to do the job. Place a few baskets on them if you want things to be more organised.

4. Install a cornered shelves

Not a fan of the hanging shelves? Install some cornered shelves in the shower instead. These convenient shelves make the most out of your bathroom space, no matter the design and layout. You can place your shower essentials, or if you like, a couple of potted plants will do too. We heard some plants thrive better in the bathroom.

5. Place a couple of apothecary jars

apothecary jars in the bathroom
© serezniy | 123rf

You’ve seen plenty of these on Pinterest, you might even pin them to your “bathroom goals” board because let’s face it, these apothecary jars are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can use it to store cotton balls or cotton swabs. The wide mouth also makes it easier for you to reach the bottom of the jar.

6. Get a rolling cart

If you’re one of those who like to store your makeup and skincare in the bathroom, we recommend getting a rolling cart to store your items instead of placing them disorderly on the bathroom countertop. What more, it’s mobile!

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7. Reserve a spot for your hair styling tools

hair styling tools
© Monchai Tudsamalee | 123rf

Instead of stashing your hairdryer, curling tongs, hairpins and hair products everywhere in the bathroom, we suggest dedicating a small area to store your products — ideally somewhere near the mirror for convenience. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your elastic bands and hairpins.

8. Install a lazy susan in the closet

Lazy susan doesn’t just belong in the kitchen. In fact, you can use it literally anywhere that requires storage space, and that includes the bathroom. Oftentimes, we tend to pile up cleaning products and extra toiletries in the bathroom closet or cabinets. While there’s one way to do it, it’s definitely not the most efficient. Why not try adding a lazy susan in the closet? Instead of fumbling around for what you need, just spin around until you get what you look for.

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9. Hang mason jars on the wall

mason jars
© kornienko | 123rf

Running low on storage space in the bathroom? Don’t worry, mason jars are here for the rescue! These glass jars are not only environmentally friendly (they can be used again and again for different storage purposes), but they’re also extremely useful. From toothbrushes to cotton balls and makeup products, you can depend on them to keep them organised without disrupting your space.

10. Stick a label on the jar

Whether you’re using mason jars or other containers to store your bathroom essentials, it always helps to have a label attached to them.

11. Hang your baskets

If floor space is what you lacked, then hang some baskets on the wall to expand your storage space. Simple yet sophisticated, you can keep things like clean towels, toilet paper rolls and toiletries on the basket.

12. Install a towel hooks

towel hanging on a hook
© Konstantin Markov | 123rf

Instead of getting a towel rod, we recommend getting hooks instead. Why? It accommodates more storage space and believe it or not, towels dry better.

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13. Use magnetic strips

Here’s a simple and affordable way to organise your bathroom: Stick a magnetic strip on the wall or inside of your bathroom cabinet and attach everyday supplies like hairpins and nail clippers to it with magnets.

14. Place a tiered tray

Those tiered cupcakes trays can be used in the bathroom too. Maximise your bathroom storage by keeping your most-used items like perfume, necklaces and watches on the tray. They’re easily accessible and not to mention, their mere presence can glam up your bathroom instantly.

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