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5 mistakes to avoid when decorating a small apartment


Small apartment, big decorative dreams.

Small apartments are convenient, accessible, easier to clean and organise – but small. Everyone may seem to favour bigger apartments but that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of owning a smaller space. You’ll save on electricity and decor items – which is equivalent to money. Relocating in the future will also be much easier.

However, one may tend to go overboard when it comes to decorating a small apartment. It can easily turn into a cluttered space instead of a beautifully decorated one – but we’re not saying it’s impossible to have a pretty, organised small apartment.

Home decor improvement tips and tricks may do wonders but keep in mind that not all of them would work for a smaller-scale one. Here are six mistakes to avoid when decorating your small but comfortable apartment:

1. Large, oversized furniture

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What’s worse than having oversized furniture? Owning oversized furniture that you don’t even use. Why have a three-seater sofa when there are only two people staying in the apartment? Why have a big coffee table which you’ll just place remote controllers on top? These may be the basics of what a living room ‘should’ have, but don’t squeeze everything into your small apartment knowing you won’t use them.

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2. Being afraid of colours and prints

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One of the most common mistakes is thinking that strong colours will make a space looks smaller – completely false. In fact, white walls also compromise the character of your home and make it less inviting. If you’re still not up for bold, bright colours – think neutrals. Beige, ivory and cream will make a huge difference to your space despite just a slight difference from white.

3. Not taking advantage of the wall

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Naturally, art pieces and mirrors go up on the wall but that’s not all. Make full use of your wall space by adding on shelves. You’ll be able to expand your storage space easily just by nailing one or two up, and by doing so, you won’t be compromising any floor space. Plus, shelves can actually be pretty decorative pieces too.

4. Avoiding drapes or long curtains

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Drapes are the easiest way to add decor to your space; no matter big or small, but many steer away from them, afraid that it will make it look more cluttered instead. However, drapes help draw attention towards the ceiling. Giving the illusion of a more ‘lifted’ space. You can also change your curtain rod to a see-through one to emphasise it more.

5. Not investing in double-duty pieces

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Sofa beds are more well-known pieces. There is also low stool that doubles as a side table and a drop-leaf and gateleg dining table. These versatile pieces tend to get a little pricey sometimes, but just imagine the amount of space you get to save – so worth it.

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