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Alora Residences, Subang Jaya: Inspired Living Within Greenery


Staying in sustainable properties not only contributes positively to the environment but also enhances the value of your investment in a significant and meaningful way

©Avaland Berhad | Alora Residences

Staying in eco-friendly real estate is the future of the industry. Millennials, the next generation of property buyers, place a high value on environmental responsibility and are willing to pay extra for sustainable properties. Developers are responding to this demand by creating more sustainable developments.

Introducing Alora Residences, an upcoming freehold serviced apartment development nestled at Avenue 25, Subang Jaya. This exceptional development sets the stage for an urban sanctuary, thoughtfully designed with parks, pocket gardens, a breathtaking rooftop garden boasting panoramic views, and green corridors.

Alora Residences wholeheartedly embraces its eco-friendly mission, offering residents an abundance of lush green surroundings. The two soaring towers of the 2.68-acre property, house serviced apartments between 923 sq ft to 1,042 sq ft that are equipped with smart home readiness catering to various homebuyers and investors.

Alora Residences marks the inaugural phase of the integrated development, where it proudly showcases signature retail spaces on the ground floor. These thoughtfully designed retail areas bring unparalleled convenience and a wide range of amenities to the esteemed customers of Alora Residences.

Strategically located in Subang Jaya, Alora Residences is also close to a myriad of essential amenities, from neighbourhood malls to public and international schools, medical facilities, banks, and more. For those who want to venture out a little further, Alora Residences will be connected to the USJ 21 LRT station via a covered walkway. Residents who prefer to drive will also have quick access to the nearby LDP, KESAS, and ELITE highways.

What makes a building ‘green’?

The term ‘green architecture’ has become more widespread in recent years, but the idea of making buildings ‘green’ has been around since the 1970s. Green architecture is geared towards reducing pollution, protecting resources, and limiting the negative effects of development on the environment. It is a forward-thinking approach to architecture that centres on the environment and healthier living.

The global authority on green architecture, the World Green Building Council (WGBC) notes that green buildings are not only made with sustainable materials but also incorporate design features and technology for lower energy usage, natural lighting and ventilation, waste reduction, and recycling.

There are three key types of green architecture, going from passively green to high-performance and actively green. The passive type of green buildings may incorporate natural ventilation systems to the regular indoor temperatures, while low-energy buildings include technology in their designs, such as solar panels. The high-performance active type of green buildings maximizes technology usage to optimize heating, cooling, lighting, and water usage to be as green as possible.

4 ways that green features affect the value of your investment.

1. High demand

As concerns over the climate crisis continue to grow, the demand for green buildings has also risen. After all, green architecture is a key component to creating more sustainable and eco-friendly communities – something that more people are looking for these days.   

A growing awareness of the impact building can have on the environment and climate has led to more buyers and tenants searching for properties that minimize their carbon footprint. Beyond the sustainability factor, most green buildings incorporate more natural features such as green spaces to promote healthier living, which also drives up demand. In fact, home buyers in Malaysia are willing to pay more for green housing, according to research by CGS-CIMB.

2. High return for property investors

Naturally, high demand for sustainable properties may also mean high returns for investors. The long-term financial gains of green buildings can be significant. Features such as energy-efficient lighting, natural ventilation, water-saving fixtures, and renewable energy generation reduce overall utilities cost in the long run. On top of that, the green features tend to last longer and incur less maintenance, which brings down operational costs.

All this leads to increased profitability which, in turn, leads to higher property values, making green buildings an attractive option for investors.

3. Cost-saving

As mentioned, green buildings are designed with energy-efficient systems that will reduce operating costs over time. It ultimately translates to money for both the developer and tenants, who benefit from a building that is less reliant on the national grid for power and isn’t costing the management an excessive amount of money to maintain its various systems.

Lower carbon emissions, energy bills, and water bills save the planet and lead to lower costs, making buildings with green features a better financial bet for tenants and property investors alike.

4. Social & environmental benefits

Finally, green buildings promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, which leads to a better quality of life and reduces the structure’s carbon footprint. Green spaces erase the harshness of living in a concrete jungle, benefitting both tenants and the environment around them, including plant and animal life. Green buildings will not only be less warm, but they will also help bring down greenhouse gasses and reduce environmental temperatures as well.

Sustainability is becoming non-negotiable, meaning that green architecture will continue to grow, as will its value. The positive impact this has on the community and environment serves only to enhance the overall value of green buildings, making them a sought-after investment opportunity.

Learn more about Alora Residences at their website or call +6011-17226777. Alternatively, you can visit Avaland Show Village @ One City USJ.

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