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6 cat personalities you will love to welcome into your home


Feline friends with an attitude — but not the bad kind.

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The quirky and comedic personalities of felines have come to the forefront in recent years, thanks to the Internet, especially YouTube. Those videos go viral for a reason — we are drawn to kitties fainting at the smell of durian, defending a child from a vicious dog attack, or tearing up toilet paper, because it’s relatable.

The right cat (or cats) can bring laughter, warmth and good energy into your home, to the benefit of everyone in it. If you’ve been planning to introduce a cat into your home but are scratching your head over how to pick the right one, here are some feline personality types that may match the vibe you’re seeking.

Just to note before we go on, cat personalities don’t depend only on the type of breed. Just like humans, other factors like genetics, personal backgrounds, confidence levels and intelligence will influence how a cat behaves in your home.

There are many stray and homeless cats who possess incredibly affectionate and playful traits that emerge once they are socialised to interact comfortably with humans, and once they have been spayed or neutered. Instead of spending money to buy a cat, consider adopting one from a shelter.

Personality: Friendly

Recommended breeds: Maine Coon, American Shorthair, Burmese, Bombay

Maine Coon © 123rf

Many cats possess friendliness and loyalty as part of their traits — getting along with any human, young or old, and tolerating other pets, whether they’re dogs, goldfish or a fellow cat. Felines with a friendly personality are easygoing in nature and will adapt to a landed house with lots of room, or squeeze into one room with you in a shared rental — though with the latter, you may hear some occasional complaining, so try at least have a studio apartment of your own before adopting a cat.

Personality: Athletic

Recommended breeds: Abyssinian, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Siamese

Bengal © 123rf

If you choose an athletic cat breed to welcome into your home, it must mean that you are well-prepared to care for a very dog-like kitty, with both brains and brawn. Athletic felines enjoy a lot of stimulation — they climb, run, jump, walk outdoors on a leash and even learn to do tricks. Children and active adults will find an athletic cat to be a fine companion at home, as you can play games together and try learning different tricks. Some breeds, like the bengal, are best in a one-pet household. Just remember you should consider very carefully before getting an active cat!

Personality: Gentle

Recommended breeds: Persian, Birman, Chartreux, Manx

Persian © 123rf

Even when a well-socialised cat is friendly or active, they tend to be gentle creatures, some more than others. A gentle cat will take off running up the stairs when the noise level in their surroundings begin to pick up. They might not fare very well in a rowdy home with screaming children or shouting adults. Gentle cats bond with humans that handle them with care and respect, returning the favour by silently creeping up to cuddle comfortably with you on the couch during nap time.

Personality: Calm

Recommended breeds: Russian Blue, British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex, Li Hua

British Shorthair © 123rf

While gentle cats are quickly bothered by disruptions to a peaceful environment, calm cats tend to survey the situation from afar. When you first bring a calm cat home, don’t expect much, apart from a blank stare that says “Hey, I don’t know you yet, let’s take this easy, ok?” After it has familiarised itself with your home, you’ll start to see how affectionate and easygoing a calm cat can be. If you have friends over for a party and it likes what it sees and hears, it may want to join the fun too. And don’t be surprised if you have a little shadow constantly on your heels, curious to see what you get up to around the house.

Personality: Reserved

Recommended breeds: Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian, Korat

Himalayan © 123rf

A reserved cat is one that fits best in a home without children or a flurry of activities. Older couples, single inhabitants and couples who don’t plan to have children will find that a reserved cat is ideal for them. Once a reserved cat figures out that it’s being cared for by you exclusively, it’ll warm up and shower you with affection, lap naps and cuddles. Cats like the Korat will even let you know how well you’re doing your job by vocalising often.

Personality: Mischievous

Recommended breeds: Singapura, Balinese, Scottish Fold, Cornish Rex

Scottish Fold © 123rf

Those hilarious viral cat videos on the web? You can thank many mischief-making kitties for that. Mischievous cats are curious, outgoing and friendly. They are also loving and bond quickly with their humans. They seek your attention when you aren’t paying them any, popping up on your lap when you are working, watching TV or while taking a nap. When you clean the litter box or mop the floor, they will likely want to help (read: get in the way). If you don’t want to keep replacing toilet rolls and couch cushions, keep those out of reach or train your naughty ones that those items are off-limits — the latter will require patience and wit.

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