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6 apartment decorating ideas


Thinking of decorating your apartment (or redecorating)? Apartments can be tricky, as you’re often dealing with smaller open-plan spaces.

Need some more cool apartment ideas and tips to try? GlobeWest design manager Keti Lytras has shared her top tips and ideas for decorating apartments. We’re talking apartment furniture layout ideas and apartment decorating styles that will elevate the look of your home. Plus, tiny apartment decorating tips for super small spaces and modern apartment decorating ideas for spaces of any size.

Oh, and we’ve got some beautiful apartment decorating ideas photos, too, of course.

Easy does it

Easy apartment decoration: layer décor and textures in a tonal way. Picture: Globe West

Let’s start simple and look at some easy apartment decorating ideas. Because sometimes, all it takes is the right lamp or cushion to add character and depth, and complete the look of the room.

First up Keti suggests including different textures in your décor to add interest and personalisation. As for the rest of the room? She says ‘to try and layer décor in a tonal way to maintain the feeling of openness to the room’. And finally: connect the space with tones and textures, so that there’s an easy flow between rooms or zones.

Getting the layout right

Looking for apartment furniture ideas? Why not try a round table to make the most of limited space. Picture: Globe West

Every apartment styling project should start with the layout. So, how do you define the furniture layout for apartments? Keti recommends starting with your largest pieces first.

She says ‘once you have a basic footprint you can then layer from there with your more occasional pieces’. Her tip: Don’t be scared of using a rug to ground the room first as well.

How to style a small apartment

A round dining table not only looks chic but is a great solution for smaller spaces such as apartments. Picture: Deb Siew/Curious Grace. Styling: Anna Curnuck

When it comes to decorating your apartment (or decorating your new apartment if you just bought – in which case, congrats!) there are few things to consider, especially if your new pad is on the smaller side. Keti shares seven tips for decorating smaller-sized apartments:

Step 1: Opt for light, neutral colours to keep the space feeling airy

Step 2: Consider using darker colours on the walls and floors to accentuate the intimacy of a space

Step 3: In living and dining areas, opt for storage pieces with higher legs to create some distance between the floors and your furniture pieces

Step 4: Floating shelves in entrance halls are great for storing smaller items and keeping the floors clutter-free

Step 5: Use side tables that nest together to create space when you need or for extra surfaces for those unexpected guests

Step 6: Consider a round dining table as they fit people around them easily and are more forgivable to the eye when it comes to taking up space

Step 7: Or, opt for extendable tables are also perfect for those who love to entertain

What about if your apartment is really tiny?

Searching for small apartment furniture ideas? Try nesting tables or side tables that can slide over the couch arm like this one from Globe West. Picture: Globe West

Dealing with a seriously small apartment? Like a studio apartment? Keti shares her considerations for maximising the minimal floor area in a tiny apartment and creating a functional design that gives the impression of more space. These two simple tips are perfect for anyone looking for studio apartment decorating ideas, tiny apartment furniture ideas, one-bedroom apartment decorating ideas and tiny apartment decorating ideas.

Step 1: Use lighter looking pieces with slender profiles that will lift pieces off the ground and limit interruption

Step 2: Smart storage: storage pieces with glass tops and slim frames are a beautiful way of adding height and storage whilst limiting disruption to the eye

Make it modern

Modern apartment interior decorating is all about balance, that and fine metal frames for coffee tables, side tables, and consoles. Picture: Globe West

Looking for modern apartment decorating ideas, or thinking about adding some modern apartment furniture to your space? Keti shares six things to consider when choosing furniture and styling decor to modernise your space. These ideas are on the money whether you’re looking for modern apartment furniture ideas, modern small apartment decorating ideas, or anything in between.

  1. Opt for furniture and styling pieces with linear forms
  2. For a modern look, choose lighter-coloured pieces
  3. Balance is everything in modern interiors, make sure you don’t over decorate
  4. Choose pieces with geometric designs – like floor rugs, or soft decor items, even furniture with geometric features
  5. Pick coffee tables and side
  6. Look for fine metal frames in coffee tables, side tables and consoles

Apartment decor trends

This soft pink couch proves small can still feel luxurious. Picture: Curious Grace

Wondering how to decorate an apartment with the latest trends? Keti has shared three new apartment decorating ideas for a contemporary apartment living look.

  1. Contemporary styling with a refined masculine edge will always look fresh and work well in apartments – think geometric lines, and moody tones, plus plenty of textural layering to soften the look.
  2. But just because a space is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious, velvets and luxe finishes can bring a space to life
  3. Darker colours on walls are being used to embrace a cosy space also.

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