5 student rentals near TAR UC (Setapak)


Are you studying or planning to study at TAR UC? These are some of the student rental options you can consider

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As a student, one of the most important things to consider is to find a rental place will not burn a hole in your pocket but is also packed with amenities. This does not only enable easy accessibility, but it will also ensure a great university and social life too!

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect student rental house? This time, we will get the students from TAR UC all covered as we list down 5 student rentals near TAR UC (Setapak).

1. Platinum Hill PV6 Condominium

Platinum Hill PV 6 Condominium is situated at Taman Melati, Setapak. This property is located about 2km from TAR UC or a 5-minute drive. This condominium offers comfortable living with four bedrooms and a balcony for each unit. On top of that, it also comes with facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, launderette, satellite MATV ready and a wading pool. On the other hand, the nearby lake offers tranquillity with its greenery. PV 6 is indeed a decent residential area for not only students but also families.

Median rental price: RM 1, 600/ month

Built-up size: 1, 328 sf – 1, 384 sf

Amenities: Platinum Hill PV6 has an abundance of amenities within its proximity. Schools, convenience stores, and clinics are all nearby while the Setapak Central Mall (previously known as Festival City Mall) is within 4.5 km from the condominium.

Getting around: Public transportation is easily accessible at PV6. The Taman Melati LRT station is 1.7 km away from the condominium while the Gombak LRT station is 2km from it. Living here is also a bonus for TAR UC students as the TARUCMU bus service (Taman Melati direction) is available for an easy commute. It has 5 stops and it operates from Monday to Thursday only. It starts operations from 7.25 a.m. till 9.00 p.m. and the total trip duration is about 19 minutes. TAR UC students can take the bus from Patron Bus Stop – Melati Utama which is about 100m from PV6. Not just that, PV6 can be accessed via DUKE and MRR2 while KL City Centre is about a 30-minute drive away from it.

2. Teratai Mewah Condominium

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The Teratai Mewah Condominium is a low-rise condominium that is located at Jalan Langkawi, Setapak. It is about 3km from TAR UC or a 6-minute drive. Its layout comprises of a 3-bedroom unit and 2 bathrooms. Besides, the facilities are suitable for students and working professionals.  There are swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis and squash courts and sauna.

Median rental price: RM 1, 200/ month

Built-up size: 930 sf

Amenities: Amenities are within reach at Teratai Mewah Condominium. They are just a short stroll or a short drive away from the property. Titiwangsa Recreational Park is about 4km away from the condominium while Setapak Central Mall is about 2km from it. Columbia Asia Hospital is also within a 2km radius from the Teratai Mewah Condominium while there is an abundance of convenience stores.

Getting around: The nearest train station is Taman Melati LRT station. It is 3.8km away from the condominium. On top of that, TARUC students can get the TARUCTR bus to get to campus. The bus service has 6 stops and it departs from Teratai Residency. Teratai Residency is 730m away from Teratai Mewah or a 10-minute walk. The bus operates every day from 7.20 a.m. to 9.20 p.m. with about 8 minutes of the total trip along Jalan Genting Klang and Jalan Langkawi.

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3. La Villas Condominium

La Villas Condominium is located at Taman Setapak, Setapak. It is adjacent to Teratai Mewah Condominium and it is also a low-rise, low-density condominium. The layout is made up of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms while there are facilities like a mini market, sauna, tennis court, squash court, swimming pool and a playground. In addition to that, TAR UC is within 3.2 km from the property or a 9-minute drive.

Median rental price: RM 1, 300/ month

Built-up size: 1, 050 sf

Amenities: If you are into art, music, and history, you might want to visit the P. Ramlee Memorial House as it is only a short drive (approximately 2.5 km) from this condominium.  Business Centres such as Diamond Square and Medan Idaman Business Centre are 2.1km and 1.8km away from it while schools like SRA Sungai Mulia, SJK (C) Lee Rubber and SMK (C) Chung Hwa are only a stone’s throw away.

Getting around: The nearest train station is Taman Melati LRT station. It’s within a 3.2km radius. La Villas Condominium is also accessible via Jalan Gombak, Jalan Genting-Kelang and DUKE and MRR2. Students can take RapidKL T202, T250 and TARUCMU to commute to TAR UC.

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4. M3 Residency

The M3 Residency is a serviced residence located at Taman Melati. This residence is an extension of M3 Mall and it is equipped with facilities that fit young adults and students. There is a jogging track, gymnasium, swimming pool, cafeteria, sauna, and even a library. Besides, TAR UC is only 1km away from the residence and it takes a 3-minute drive to get there.

Median rental price: RM 1, 500/ month

Built-up size: 806 sf –  1, 092 sf

Amenities: Besides the M3 Mall, this serviced residence is surrounded by other amenities such as convenience stores. It is also located near the township of Setapak and Wangsa Maju. SMK Setapak Indah is adjacent to the property while SMK Gombak Setia is only 800m away.

Getting around:  This serviced residence is 550m from Taman Melati LRT station and it’s only a 6-minute walk to get there! M3 Residency also has easy access to the DUKE which connects to Jalan Duta and KL City Centre.

5. Villa Danau Apartment

Villa Danau is a 5-storey apartment with a landscaped garden. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it is also located 2.1km away from TAR UC. On top of that, it has standard facilities like a BBQ area, gymnasium, clubhouse, and a playground.

Median rental price: RM 1, 500/ month

Built-up size: 1, 100 sf

Amenities: Villa Danau is located in a strategic layout as amenities are all within its vicinity. The Platinum Walk Commercial Centre, Setapak Central Mall, and Danau Kota Uptown are only 1.2km from the apartment while there are many other eateries and convenience stores. The Columbia Asia Hospital, on the other hand, is 8 minutes’ drive away from Villa Danau and it is adjacent to PV128 business area.

Getting around: This apartment has easy access to Jalan Genting-Kelang, Bulatan Pahang, DUKE, and MRR2. Taman Melati LRT station is the closest train station, which is 2.8km away from the apartment. There are a few bus services to get to TAR UC.  The RapidKL buses 222, 250, T250 and TARUCMU. The easiest commutes are the RapidKL buses as they depart from Starpac Point, which is 850m away from Villa Danau.

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We hope this article helps your house hunting journey. There are more student rental options that you might want to check out. Filter out our listings and scroll down to find your desired student house. Good luck!

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