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5 small bathroom design and decorating tips


Think it’s an impossible task to make a design statement in a small bathroom? Think again. 

Add a pop of colour by changing up the towels © Temple & Webster

Unless you’re living in a big mansion, the idea of having an enormous bathroom with double sink vanity top, a separate toilet and shower, and standing bathtub while having ample space to walk around without bumping into something is only a dream we can all afford to have. Nevertheless, not all hope is lost. Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you’re restricted to minimal design. It challenges you to think out of the box and use unconventional methods to create a space that is both stylish and functional. 

We spoke to the experts at IQI Concept to learn all about the tips and tricks in decorating a small bathroom. 

1. Opt for a recessed wall shelf

bathroom interior with floating vanity and recessed wall shelf
© IQI Concept

When space is limited, go for the walls. Recessed wall shelves have become increasingly popular these days as it is an excellent space saver to keep your toiletries neat and off the surface. Not only are they practical, but they’re also visually appealing. The only problem is that it needs more work than installing floating shelves in your shower. But think of it this way, floating shelves wear and tear over time, and it’ll probably cost you more than recessed wall shelves in the long run.  

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2. Install a sliding shower door

A modern quadrant shower enclosure with sliding doors
For small bathrooms, always go for sliding doors to save space © 123rf

An outward-opening shower door is definitely more presentable, but this design can limit your bathroom space and it’s also bound to knock on nearby items like vanity counter or cabinets. If your bathroom space is small, we recommend you to stick to a sliding shower door as it helps to keep the shower enclosure compact and slim. 

3. Choose a lighter colour

white coloured bathroom with shower door and floating vanity
Amp up your bathroom style with a marble wall © IQI Concept

When it comes to colour, always remember that dark colours tend to make a space look smaller while lighter shades visually expand a room. So if you have a small bathroom to work with, go for a light, neutral tone as it helps to open up the entire space and give you room to breathe. Another important thing to note is to keep the colour palette to a minimum. You want to unify the space, not make it feel even more cramped than it already is. Use textures and patterns to add elements of interest. 

4. Float the vanity

Floating vanity with a hanging mirror
Free up floor space with a floating vanity © IQI Concept

Mounting a vanity above the floor frees up the floor space beneath, reduces visual weight and helps create an illusion of space. Besides, most floating vanities come with built-in cupboards that allow you to store all your bathroom essentials away from plain sight. The open space between the floating vanity and the floor offers a visual break, hence making your bathroom feel more contemporary. Visuals aside, your cabinets will also less likely to deteriorate from the water on the ground. 

5. Hang a mirror

A touch of greenery enhances the calming vibe of your bathroom © Canningvale

Sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest impact, like hanging a mirror. Mirrors work wonders when it comes to interior design, which is why interior designers love using mirrors to elevate the design of a room. Moreover, the mirror reflects light and creates the impression of space. We recommend installing a mirrored medicine cabinet as it takes up only minimal space and gives you decent storage space for small items.

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