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5 disturbing things you didn’t know are lurking in your mattress


Did you know that dust isn’t the only nasty thing lurking in your mattress? The majority of people don’t give their mattresses a second thought, however, this could be a major health risk oversight. 


We are sharing a couple of dangers to look out for and a simple, most effective solution to prolonging your mattress lifespan and maintaining your sleep hygiene.

1. Sweat and dead skin

Did you know that we shed dead skin cells constantly? Given that we spend about a third of our day in bed sleeping, imagine how much of that ends up on our mattresses?

On top of that, we sometimes sweat while sleeping. If left unattended, that sweat will build up, turning your comfortable mattress into a musty and grimy resting place.

2. Mould and fungus


All that sweat and grime also makes your mattress an ideal environment for mould and fungus to thrive, causing serious harm to your health. Symptoms of mould exposure, to name a few, include migraines, various respiratory issues such as wheezing, breathing difficulty, allergic reaction such as runny nose, red eyes, fatigue, and even asthma attacks.

3. Bacteria 

As you sleep, bacteria from your skin, saliva, and more can sink into your mattress, making it their new home.

Studies have shown that certain species of bacteria can even survive on your mattress for up to two weeks! What’s worse, influenza viruses have been found to survive on fabrics for up to 12 hours.

A fact that’s both fascinating and terrifying!

 4. Pests

There are also other critters that could lurk on your mattresses such as bed bugs and fleas.

Bed bugs are biters. Like mosquitoes and leeches, bed bugs feast on your blood, leaving behind very itchy scars. You’re not getting a good night’s sleep with these pests as your bedfellows.

Worse still, if left unchecked, bed bugs can easily infest your clothes as well as other fabrics around the house such as sofas and curtains. This is definitely a case where prevention is better than cure.

5. Allergens 


If you were to ever look at your mattress under a microscope, you might see a variety of allergens such as dandruff, pet dander, and dust mites. Dust mites, in particular, love to feast on the dead skin cells you leave behind on your mattress.

While they do not bite, dust mites can aggravate asthma, as well as cause allergies, pink eye, and shortness of breath. They can build up, especially if you do not regularly clean your mattress properly.

Which is why it’s a good idea to rope in some professional help. In fact, regular thorough cleaning of your mattress can help eliminate all the nasty things lurking in your mattress that we’ve mentioned above.  

Coway’s PRIME Series mattress, for example, comes with an excellent 7-step Mattress Care Service that keeps the mattress in optimum condition. A trained professional will ensure your mattress is in excellent hygienic condition and young three times per year.

Coway’s PRIME Series mattress also comes with an exchangeable topper designed to provide excellent hygiene. The mattress itself is made with coconut fibre, latex, memory foam, and has a 5-zone pocket spring.

The 7-step Mattress Care Service is also available for other brands of mattresses when you purchase the one-time service or one-year subscription. Whether you have a single, queen, or king-sized bed, you can subscribe to the 7-Step Mattress Care Service to enjoy consistently good quality sleep.

What does this 7-step Mattress Care Service entail and how does it prolong the life of your mattress?


Coway’s Mattress Care Service includes measuring the dust levels on your mattress, frame cleaning, mattress cleaning, dust mite repellent, and UV sterilization.

Upon your subscription to this service, an appointed Coway homecare technician will be dispatched to your home, armed with the latest high-tech equipment (with a patented cyclonic action system). The homecare technician will begin by measuring the level of contamination in your mattress using a digital microscope with a magnification power of 1000x.

After the level of contamination has been determined, the homecare technician will proceed with the cleaning and decontamination process (Step 2-Step 7) as shown in the image above. 

Once your mattress and bed frame are free of impurities, a specially formulated repellent will be sprayed to provide your mattress with protection against dust mites and bed bugs. This formulation is not only biodegradable and non-toxic, but is also infused with anti-bacterial properties that will help keep those pesky germs at bay.

To top it off, a UV sterilization wand— proven to effectively inhibited the growth of bacteria by 99% —will be used to sanitize your mattress.

With this service on a quarterly basis, rest assured the condition of your mattress will be well-maintained all year round.

The Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service is available for one year with the purchase of a PRIME Series mattress. You can even enjoy an easy payment plan for a PRIME Series Mattress from as low as RM129 a month, inclusive of free service for 5 years and a free exchangeable topper on the third year*!

Find out more on the PRIME Series Mattress and easy payment plan at Coway!

Comfortable, healthy, and hygienic sleep is just a PRIME Series Mattress away.

*Terms and conditions apply.          

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